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Your Space Amsterdam

jenpen.studio - November 28, 2018 - 2 comments

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A few weeks back I was scrolling on Instagram, because how better way to kill your time you planned for working and in someone’s instastories they tagged Your Space Amsterdam. I clicked immediately because I saw plants. Oh my, I was in love with their feed. The plants, the spaces, the interiors, the colors, everything was on point for me. I had to get a way to get there (for no reason at all). Then I saw that The Amsterdam Creative Entrepreneurs Collective (organized by the Humblebrag) was going to hold an event there.

That was it! I had to go, besides the event itself was so inspiring and talking to different expands living in Amsterdam was amazing, the location was beautiful. I took my camera that day, but was busy talking to others. So I just needed to go back and so I did. Let me take you around the gorgeous spaces put together by the sweetest Aussie sister duo, Melissa & Natalie Forenza.

Okay, first off…what is Your Space Amsterdam? Your Space is where you can host events, have brainstorm sessions, workshops, have meetings or just move in…okay, just kidding on the last one. It is located in a beautiful 17th century canal house in the heart of Amsterdam. Three completely different styled rooms, but all with the same goal: to let you feel totally inspired and ready to rumble.

It’s a little in detailed styled jungle in the middle of Amsterdam. With the thousands (it seems like it) of plants in those spaces to give you a creative boost, give you a stress level of zero with some clean air, Your Space is the way the go.


The first room you enter on the right of the full marmer hallway, is The Parlour. This is a 30m2 room where retro is the theme. The beautiful combination of the color yellow and dark blue is impeccable. Comfy sofas and chairs, a full equipped fridge, coffee & tea, candies, stationary, you name it and you have it in here for your next meet up.


The smallest of the spaces is 20m2, but not less in design. You walk down the corridor up the stairs and enter this dark green room. The dark moody green had me wanted to get my laptop and have a serious brainstorm session with myself. The botanical wallpaper, the velvet green sofas, the details in the ceiling, the vintage elements, the hardwood floor…did I miss anything? Great spot for an intimate meeting with a serious client, wouldn’t you say?!


And finally the biggest of them all with 50m2 of floor space on the first level. This is where the event of ACE was held two weeks ago. The natural light that comes in from those big windows is just gorgeous. It makes the plants look even more greener. Another full equipped space with the utmost necessities for your next meeting or event.

A visit trip to Amsterdam to their mum & dutch step dad, brought Natalie and Melissa to this crazy idea of bringing creative people together in beautiful styled spaces. And oh boy, did they do an awesome job. Bringing their Australian attitude (I love their accents) with a lovely kick ass of ‘Let’s do this’ and see where they are now. Thank you ladies for letting me walk freely around. You guys are awesome and many more success on your creative venture.

For more information about Your Space Amsterdam, please click below:

Website | Instagram | Facebook| Email

Herengracht 407
1017 BP Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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