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YOB: Naomi Goldsteen-Oostveen of NAOKIES

jenpen.studio - January 3, 2018 - 2 comments

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Oh my, it’s really 2018 and we are already on the third day of the year. A new year means new challenges and new interviews. Yes, I’m going to start the first post of the year with an ‘‘Your Own Boss series’‘ interview.

Connecting with people on the internet is sometimes such a weird thing. But when you actually have the courage and meet with them offline it can be so cool. That is actually what happened with this next young professional. I can’t remember how I found her on Instagram (yes, our dear friend Instagram), but I did and that’s the most important part of it. We chatted on Instagram and last year in June on my trip to Europe we decided to meet offline. It was actually the same person I was chatting with online; down to earth and very likeable. At that moment I knew I wanted her to be in the Your Own Boss series. So lets get to know who I’m talking about.

What’s the story behind the name Naokies and what is your business all about?

The nickname Naokies existed while I was living on Curaçao many years ago. There was a food truck called Noaki’s and my colleagues started calling me this for fun. It was so catchy and symbolic for the months I spent on the island that I always kept using it.
Studio Naokies is a creative gathering of graphic design, (wedding) styling, illustration and hand lettering. I also blog about lifestyle and interior, or when I made nice trip – to Curaçao for example. You can also read about the work I made in the past on my blog.

Why did you start a business of your own?

It was a combination of circumstances that gave me the opportunity to start my own business. I was already doing some activities beside my fulltime job but couldn’t grow because of the lack of time and flexibility. I’d like to say everything happens for a reason and I am very glad this happened to me.

What are some high and low points of starting your business?

The low point is that my work is NEVER finished (hahah), I can just keep on going and going…I’m a perfectionist!
One of the high points is getting recognition for the work I make. The best feeling is doing things I love and getting credits for it. It gives me so much energy.

What is (are) your greatest achievement(s) until now?

Starting a collaboration with my business partner & friend Tamarah of The Bridal Blush, in which we combined forces to create a fresh and new wedding-concept. 2018 will definitely become our year! And it simply happened because we both love what we do and become even better when we combine this! We each have our own strengths that we can use within our concept.

I’m also very proud of a project I did for the brand All in Flavour. I had the pleasure to do the designs for their phone cases, which included the logo design, styling and photography for their website. Another project I can also put on my list of great achievements, is the one I had the pleasure of doing for the book ‘Success with your relationship’ written by expert relationship therapist Mirjam Beekman. I did the illustrations (and design) for the book. This book is sold online on several online outlets like bol.com and bruna.nl.

Where do you get your inspiration?

The Caribbean is my biggest inspiration! The beautiful colors, flora & fauna and positive vibe. This reflects in all of my work. Also meeting new people and talk about their business inspires me so much!

Photography by Illka van Wieren

What advice can you give to those that would like to be part of the ‘Your Own Boss’ club?
Keep on pushing that dream because everything is possible! Doing what you love is true happiness and before you know it, you’re in the club!

Naomi thank you so much for your very positive interview and keeping the Caribbean vibe alive in your designs, which by the way people, that is one of the reasons how she got the book deal. I wish you many more success in your creative venture and we surely we’ll meet up soon again.

How did you like this inspired interview to start up the year with? Do leave your thoughts in the comments below.

For more information about or to contact Naokies, please click below:

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*images provided by Naokies Studio

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