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YOB : Marerly Sambo from It’s Yummy

jenpen.studio - June 2, 2015 - 11 comments

It’s been a while since I had someone telling their story of being their own boss on the blog. I’m glad to have this next person to participate. She is a very uplifting and positive person. I met her at a business training day we both attended. Let me introduce you to Marerly Sambo from It’s Yummy. The cool thing about her story is that she didn’t plan to start her own business. She was actually just pushed into it and because of that, it makes her story more inspiring. Let’s take a look on how it all started.
Let’s start from the beginning.  How long have you been on the island and why did you choose Curacao as your next residence? 
I was born and raised here on the island of Curacao and when I was 16 years old I went to the Netherlands to get my degree as a microbiological analyst. I’ve lived there for 13 years and then eventually I got home sick to Curacao. It was at that moment I returned back to the island and been living here for almost 2 years.
What It’s Yummy all about?
I help people with their health and Wellness in an attractive, tasty, therapeutic and natural way. It’s Yummy has infused products, like infused water, infused tea and in the near future I’ll be having infused honey and infused oils.
The products can  be used for detoxing, immune system boost, energy boost and are aroma therapeutic.


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Everything I use is organic and treated with allot of care to provide the best infused product. I give workshops and presentations about it and how to love your body. 


Yes, that is always my slogan.


Why and how did you begin with It’s Yummy?

The story behind it is very personal and I don’t share it quickly with people. Last year I got the news that I had 2 tumors in both of my breasts. I had the possibility to remove them, but that meant that the operation would have disfigured them a bit and I didn’t like the idea of that. I went searching for another solution. I’ve always believed that what God created for us here on this earth, the fruits, nuts, herbs, plants etc. had to be good for us in a way. And with the knowledge I have about anatomy, immunology and microbiology I knew there was an organic solution.So when I heard that the tumors were benign and could shrink, I started to make infused water to drink. The infused water shrunk the tumors and I’m several months now tumor free. But within that struggle I was still looking for work as analyst, with getting no chance anywhere. 
One of my neighbors heard about my struggle and asked if I could make one of those infused water for her. She also was the one who pushed me to sell it and  I was only making infused water with fruits and herbs at that time. That is the reason why I started It’s Yummy.

Would you still like to work as a microbiological analyst?
I still would love to, but as part-timer.




What was the difficult part of starting on your own and being your own boss?
I don’t really think there was a difficult part, but maybe the fact that I had to act quickly. What do I mean? The one neighbor who I made an infused water for, made a picture and shared it on social media with the caption ORDER.The next day I had strangers in front of my house that wanted to buy it. I was then in need of glass jars. For infused products glass jars are the way the go, because the jars have to be sterilized first and that is why none of my products are in plastic bottles. I recycled applesauce glass jars and donated the applesauce to several children daycare. I had to go with the rapid flow. Everything came at the right time.
Did you ever had a moment of failure?
I considering my self-doubt as my moments of failure. I’m working on it 🙂
What is your greatest success?
You know, every time someone buys an infused water or tea from me, I consider that a moment of success. Every time they take a picture of them drinking it or just of the product and share it, telling others that it help them, that would be moments of success.
I even got asked to give presentations to great organizations like JCI and also to one of our local banks Banco di Caribe. Surely those are my success in my almost 1 year that I’m running my business.

What are your plans for the future?
I have a vision to have an Infused Shop. Having several infused products.
That would be a dream to have.
What advice can you give to those who would like to be part of the YOB club?
Hmm, I have lots of advice. First believe in yourself and your dream. Protect your dream and live it.
Secondly surround yourself with positive people, that can support you in your idea or dream.
Thirdly always update yourself about your product or service. Checking out what is new on that field.
And last you don’t really need lots of money to start your own business, just creativity. Use it.
Let’s take a close look of Marerly.


Thank you Marely for this fun and inspiring interview. 
Please check more about It’s Yummy on their facebookpage, because ‘Yes, we do love our bodies’.
The website will be up and running soon.

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