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YOB : Jeannouelle Castillo of The Media Castle

jenpen.studio - February 20, 2019 - 0 comments

It’s been a while since I shared a story from the YOB series, because the last interview was more than 7 months ago. But I love finding people that can inspire others to take action. A lot of people have a great idea in their mind or would love to pursue their dreams of having their own space and time that they can create for other. But most of them just leaves it to a dream. And that’s why I started this series on the blog. If we all did it and are doing it, you can also broaden your dream to a reality.
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So, today I wanted to share the story of another youngster. Yes, I had a few in the series. And I’m always amazed how at a young age many are taking the plunge and start on their own. Just like miss Castillo. She’s just 24, but managed to accomplish a lot already. I met her last year at a networking event and instantly we hit it off. We had us a lovely conversation together. Let’s take a look at how she’s keeping her business together.

What’s the story behind the name ‘The Media Castle’ and what is your business all about?

‘Castle’ is derived and translated from my last name “Castillo”, which means Castle in Spanish. The word ‘MEDIA’ has been added to it because by definition, it’s broader than marketing. Since my main goal was to expand my business to provide more services than just marketing and social media. That’s how the company’s name ‘The Media Castle’ was born.

It’s a full marketing company so we provide online and offline marketing. Our slogan is ‘The pathway to the online and offline branding of your company’ and we stay true to that. My company is a one woman show, however, I do outsource projects I can’t properly handle to other freelancers. That’s one of my contributions to the local young entrepreneurs.

Why did you start a business of your own?

I have never really liked the idea of working a 9-5 and having a boss telling me what to do or not with my time. On the other hand, I did have a steady full-time job at H&M when I was living in the Netherlands, which I really enjoyed. While working there, I also had my own company and was freelancing as a makeup artist and stylist. Then I moved back to Curacao, which wasn’t really planned at all.

I actually came for a vacation and decided last minute – literally – to stay. After deciding to stay, I started dabbling more into marketing as I saw that there were many companies especially start-ups, that didn’t know how to properly brand and position themselves online. I first started with designing logos and online content and eventually, the bigger projects came along. My daily office used to be outside at different places and beaches on the island and it was just me, my laptop and my creative mind. I felt like I needed an extra challenge so I started working with an amazing individual but after a while even though I was enjoying the work I was doing, I started feeling so claustrophobic. I was spending most of my time at the office and for me you just can’t beat the fresh air. At that moment, I decided indefinitely that I had to stay on my own and do my own thing.

What are some high and low points of starting your business?

Well, speaking out of my own experiences; the low points of starting my own business was (and still is) figuring out who has genuine intentions or not. It is very difficult to start your own brand or company without an -active- support system. On the other hand, the fact that you’re working fully independent, forces you to create a thick skin which is very helpful most times when doing business with bigger companies.

For me a high point would be the fact that you can be fully independent; time wise, income wise and when you’re being creative, there are just no limitations to what you can or cannot do; you are working on your own time.

What is (are) your greatest achievement(s) until now?

Speaking of just last year, 2018 until now; one of my greatest accomplishments has been the launching of the company and I don’t mean the launch party in December (that’s another one). Getting the opportunity to be one of the producers of the Awards Show of Curacao International Film Festival Rotterdam 2018 and the ‘Tesoranan di Antes’ Show as well, were also great experiences. As I mentioned, this move has been really sudden. I was not prepared. I just took a leap of faith. The fact that I managed to go back to having my own company but this time full-time and all this in less than 7 months, is something I am very, very proud of. (You’re getting a real inside scoop here..ahahahhahahhah)

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I’ve never really had a person that inspires me to be honest, I mostly take inspiration from what is around me. As I mentioned I loved the fact I was working outside so you could say that I got inspiration from my surroundings. One thing that also helps me get inspired is traveling, every time I feel a creative block coming, I start planning my next trip. Sounds crazy, I know!

What advice can you give to those that would like to be part of the ‘Your Own Boss’ club?

Just stay true to yourself and stay focused on your end goal. Don’t let anyone discourage you or change your vision. You will be challenged a lot but try to find a lesson in everything, don’t be afraid of growth. One very important thing I’d like to add if you don’t mind is that, you need to take care of your mental health, as an entrepreneur or freelancer you are your company. If you are not in a good mental state you cannot use your talents at their maximum capacity.

Yes girl! Amen to the traveling for more inspiration and a very good tip to get our mental health in a good state. Thank you, Jeannouelle, for stopping by and doing this interview with me. I wish you even more success on your creative venture.

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