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YOB : Gaby Lieuw of Sand and Stilettos

jenpen.studio - February 21, 2018 - 5 comments

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I’m back with another great young professional to share with you her story and tips on being her own boss. I’ve met her in 2016 at a small event she organized. My first impression of her was how down to earth she was. I started to follow her on Instagram and it’s like going on vacation every time I see her feed or stories. She takes you on a journey with her while sharing her beautiful pictures of Curacao or other places she visiting. She’s a very busy lady but she’s so kind-hearted and took the time to answer these questions for you guys. Actually, that’s already a tip: even if you have a hectic schedule, be kind and keep your promise. So, let’s take a look at whom I’m talking about.

What’s the story behind the name Sand and Stilettos and what is your business all about?

I came up with the name Sand and Stilettos because I was set on a name that implied the Caribbean with a feminine twist. It originally started as a blog but then I turned it into an experience curation company. I create tailor-made days on the island for travelers that come visit Curacao.

Why did you start a business of your own?

I wanted to offer travelers a product that no one (at that point in time) was offered in the context that I was. I always knew I wanted to own a business, I figured it was a good time as any and why not take the plunge?!

What are some high and low points of starting your business?

When you have your own business you experience everything to the extremes – anything positive that happens (from fully booked weeks to good reviews) make for incredible highs and anything negative (even if it’s a small as an unfortunately worded email) can feel like it’s the end of the world. Again.

What is your greatest achievement until now?

I think it’s important you celebrate (or at least acknowledge) all your achievements as an entrepreneur, but definitely one of the most enjoyable achievements for me is to be able to split my time between the Caribbean and Europe throughoutthe year.

Where do you get your inspiration?

Everywhere: working alongside other business owners, travels, documentaries, the list goes on.

What advice can you give to those that who would like to be part of the ‘Your Own Boss’ club?

Start your own company only if it is (in) something you are truly passionate about (read: obsessed with)

Thank you Gaby so much for your time to share your thoughts and experiences of being your own boss. I’m always very inspired when I take a glimpse at her instragam. I wish you many more creative succes on your creative business venture.

Want to know more about Gaby, please click below:


HQ twentyseven: WEBSITE | EMAIL


*Images provided by Gaby Lieuw (also taken by her. First photo taken by Claudia Sanches)

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