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What to expect with the one-on-one design consultation

jenpen.studio - May 3, 2021 - 0 comments

Interior design & styling are the core business of JenPen Studio. It gives me great pleasure to create spaces with design and comfort, where sometimes big changes creates big impacts but even small changes can create big impacts. And I’m always going to go for the big impact for the client. Sometimes a new paint color on the wall gives it the change that it needs, but sometimes moving furniture around also gives the client the space they were longing for. Click here for more examples.
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This is also great if you don’t have a big budget for a full design service, but still want an expert to help you out in your space. But what is a one-on-one interior design consultation with JenPen.Studio? Let’s see what you can expect with the one-on-one design consultation.


In the consultation I give you as the client get the chance to basically pick my brain on every design dilemma you are facing at the moment in your space. This is a way to explore if the idea you have is going in the right direction and where I can guide you further to complete your concept idea to the fullest and make the space a place you are very comfortable in.

The duration of the consultation is 2.5 hours. It seems short, but a lot can be done and explained in those hours.


In these 2.5 hours, there will be a walk through with the client to see the dilemmas of the space(s). The client will receive the following:

  1. The understanding of a better layout
  2. Color advice (this goes for everything and not solely for walls & floors).
  3. Lighting advice
  4. Materialization advice
  5. Furniture & décor advice/suggestions
  6. Stores tips
  7. My personal contact list of tradesmen

All these above will be summarized in a report with a layout sketch and an inspiration board.

With this report the client can implements the advice at his or hers own pace. There’s no time limit on when you can finish your space. But most of the time in a few weeks, I already get reactions of client that they have implemented the advice and a very happy with the outcome they’ve managed to create.

For the ones that need further assistance after the one-on-one consultation, I also provide 5 extra hours for guidance. This helps especially when you get a bit overwhelmed when shopping for décor pieces. You can choose when to use those hours in your own timeframe.

It’s always great pleasure to give the ones interested to change their spaces my expertise, so they’ll find their selves in a new surrounding.

Because of the worldly situation we are living in right now, the one-on-one consultation can be virtual. With this option, where ever in the world you can make use of this service.

So, if you are ready to make a change, small or big, please don’t hesitate to contact me and let’s make your space feel comfortably and with style.

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