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What 2017 already had to offer

jenpen.studio - January 20, 2017 - 1 comment

Oh my…it’s my first post for this year. I know, I’m a bit late. So much happened in the first weeks of this year all ready, bad and good. The good parts are all the new projects I going to have the opportunity to work on. I’m very excited for that. One very bad news was, that my ex-boss died just two days after the new year started. It really came as a shock and I’m still in shock to be totally honest. I’ve worked for him for eleven years, before I started my own business. I learned a lot from him, the good and the bad. It gives you a total new look on how you want to accomplish your dreams and goals, because one day you just won’t be here anymore.
So, for this first post, I wanted to share with you what has happened these three weeks with my projects. First things first….I’m going to re-design my own home office, so I can receive clients there. I’m planning to use a bit of wallpaper on the walls. As my budget isn’t high to do really everything I would like to, I focused on the main pieces that I wanted to change and have a great impact when you enter the room.
These are few of the choices. My first pick was the one with the blue and green feathers, but they didn’t have it in stock anymore. So, I went for the other one with a bold effect and that was the butterfly wallpaper. It’s going to look so awesome. The final reveal will be in a few weeks, so keep on an eye on the blog.
The other great thing that has happened, is that I designed my first ever gift certificate. I had no intention to have one. But when a client of mine called me up and asked me if I had one, because she wanted to give my services of interior design to a friend, the first thing I said is OKAY, YOU’LL GET ONE TOMORROW. I designed it the same night and brought it the next morning to print. I used my mood board designs I designed for a living room I did last year and one I did for a dental practice I’m working on now. The client was so happy with it. Now her friend needs to call me for an appointment. Soooo, if you ever in need to surprise some one, share the gift of interior design 😉


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Maybe you’ve seen these pass by on my Facebook or Instagram. My own design wooden coasters. I wanted to do something different and decided to have some funky, colorful wooden coasters. One thing I wanted, was them to have different heights. One package consists of 3 different heights. The pain was to paint them and for that reason these coasters are ‘collectors item’. They are not going to be done again. They were well received. Two were sent internationally, one to Holland and one to Dubai. I’m so excited for that. I still have a few left, so if you want something unique for on the coffee table, just send me an email and you’ll receive yours.
And lastly, one designer contacted me last December. He wanted to make use of the promotion I had. He just wanted a small makeover in his office. He already had an idea, but wanted some extra thoughts on it. I suggested to add long shelving to make more space in the room. I love how he designed it with plywood. So easy to do if your a handy with your hands. Add some color in the room to bring more vibe in the room. I suggested a lighter green (as on the sample card it seems lighter), but eventually it looked good on the wall. The green is a relaxing color, so I wanted for him to add an extra vibrant color like red. But the red would be to vivid, so he went with a orange. And it looks great. De-clutter everything unnecessary and organize the space better. He did it in the first week of the year. When he was finished I went to do some small changes and the space looks very inviting to work in now. He and his team are ready for a new year.
I’m very excited for the new projects coming this year and for the ones that I’m working on to see the final result. One of the bigger projects I’m working on, is a total remodeling of a house turned into a dental practice. I’ve already chosen the tiles and the color pallet. It’s going to be a sick dental practice.

Well, it’s going to be a very different year with many changes. I’m going to have a fun workshop tomorrow, working with concrete. Hope you also have something fun to do. I’ll see here next week.

Bye. xo


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