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Wallpaper trend in 2018

jenpen.studio - January 17, 2018 - 3 comments

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Wallpaper has been around for a while back and it’s not something that is going out of trend anytime soon. I’m not someone that goes along with trends especially for your home. It could be a very expensive habit if you would like to change up everything every year with what’s trending that year and as you can see most trends do come back again so it won’t be a crisis if you have some trends of 2004 going on. So if you enjoyed yourself a trend you set up yourself, just go with it and every one and then at a new trendy item which fits you.

Wallpaper is really one thing that can be changed easily when you get bored of it. They are making wallpapering very easy nowadays that it isn’t that of a hassle to remove it from the wall.

And why not go all out and put wallpaper on the ceiling too?! It becomes ceiling paper then ;).

The botanical print is something that really brightens up the place and if you’re not good with plants, well these plants will be alive for a very long time. Until you take them down from the wall ofcourse.

Go for a wallpaper with texture or a wallpaper that has a 3D effect with it. It’s something you can touch or let your eyes play around when you’re just staring.

A combination of patterns will also have a playfulness in the room. These wallpaper were applied in a dental practice I designed last year, so you can imagine you’ll feel more at ease when enter the room.The dentist was first a bit hesitate to go for the prints, especially the one with the leafs, but at the end she totally loved it.

These are from BN Wallcoverings. Here are some other options:

Maybe you are not ready for a whole wall or a complete room with wallpaper and with big, graphic designs. Make a statement instead by applying just a corner or a few strokes on the wall. You’ll have a talking piece without going overboard.

A few wallpapers that I really love right now are from Creative Lab Amsterdam and I wish I could get a client that would let me go all out with these type of wallpapers. That would be a dream come true.

When you have a wallpaper with lots of color, remember to let those colors come back in your space. It will keep the room looking more cohesive.

Is this a trend you like to apply in your space this year? Let me know in the comments section below.

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