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W= stands for Weekend REcap

jenpen.studio - June 11, 2014 - 0 comments

And it’s wednesday. We’re at the half of the week and it always give me a closer feel to the weekend…yes kinda weird, but it makes the working week go faster :).
Last weekend I went to this little island off shore of the main island of Curacao. The little island is called KLEIN KORSOU (klein is small in dutch and korsou is curacao in papiamentu).

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The Lovely Miss Ann took us to this island and we were a large group that reserved it on a day that they normally don’t go to the island. Which is great cause we had whole the island all to ourselves.
I must say, in my case, getting there was HELL!! Got sea sick. Never thought it would happen but it did. Wasn’t the only one and so it wasn’t a pretty face.

But when you get there…soooo peacefull, white sands, blue…I MEAN REALLLY BLUE sea…just amazing.
So I took some shots. Hope one day you can take a trip down there.

Happy Wednesday.









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