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W= Creative Workspace : Ideas for your Working Space

jenpen.studio - October 1, 2014 - 0 comments

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Sometimes working at home brings peace, as you don’t have to engage with annoying co-workers. I mean, sometimes it’s great to work in a office with people around you, cause you can bounce ideas of each other. But sometimes, in mine case, I don’t want to see nobody in the morning when I’m sitting at my desk. But I think if you really love what you do, but your working space isn’t inspiring, well that will bring some “I can’t stand you” looks. That’s why I really do love to work at home with my husband (on my own stuff or together with him on his stuff). Our home office isn’t completely as I would wanted yet (that’s why it’s not displayed yet for the public’s eyes). But don’t you just get so many ideas from other great work spaces around you (or the web)? Let’s get some ideas from the working folks around us with amazing working spaces.

This custom made desk is from A Beautiful Mess office space. It was build in a way that 6 people can sit around it. This is really a great way to work with co-workers. And I mean working around a table like this, your co-workers must be some amazing, creative and fun people to work with, otherwise it can be annoying and your closer to them so you can slap them easily.

What I really love about this office above is actually the door/windows behind the desk. I mean how amazing when you need some eye-break from your computer, you enter your garden to think, eat or drink? Aaaammmaaaziinnnnggg. All the white elements makes this space also bigger. I’m once again in love with the Eames shell chair. I did say that I was going to buy them (replica of the replica of the replica ) here on the island, but when I finally went I didn’t like them anymore. Maybe they look a bit to fake. BUT…that doesn’t mean that one day I will buy them (the original). I eventually bought another cute white hard-plastic chairs for the home office.

What also is a great way to inspire yourself for some everyday work is to put some words on the wall. It may be inspiring or just funny words that makes your day.

Really love the words on the end: Freelance AIN’T FREE

Got that right.

So there you have some ideas to copy paste in your own working space. Do you have a great space to share? Please, do send.

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