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VT Wonen & Design Fair 2015

jenpen.studio - October 8, 2015 - 2 comments

*WARNING: Long post here*. I had the pleasure to visit the VT Wonen & Design fair last week. It was also one of the reason we took the trip to Europe. I was so excited to go and was truly impressed with everything that was displayed there. It was my first time visiting this fair, so when I got the floorplan I was shocked as it seemed so huge that it would be impossible to see everything in one day. So, I kind of stepped on it and began my journey through all things interior design and decor. The other great thing was, that I went alone and I pretty much enjoyed every bit of it. Making shots, doing some shopping and being inspired by it all.


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Just beneath this awesome lighting was a restaurant, so you can get your food and enjoy ambiance around you. One of the things I couldn’t attend was one of the speakings at the Woontheater. So I don’t really know how it went up there. Kind of bumped for that. But hey, eating a cheesecake and sipping on some tea, was also good for me.



I was immediately pulled in by this blue corner and that black & white photograph. It was a great combination of all shades of blue with wood color in this little blue corner. It was very impressive how they combined all the corners with all different color combinations. Just in front of the blue corner, there was a letterpress stand were you could buy beautiful cards or make your own personal one.



One of those things that was new to me was these tiles, the Storytiles. They were so unique and cute and can you imagine a piece of wall or floor decorated with them? A piece of art with a story, how cool is that?!



I’m loving these light bulb letters. I have to find someone on the island to make me these. They are totally awesome and will light up your working space or in your home, but then a smaller size. Monkey looking out for his new owner up there.



It was really worth the trip and I’m surely want to visit more fairs like this. This one was more than I expected and I loved every bit of it. Got lots of books and some decor pieces with me and ofcourse I couldn’t bring them in my suitcase, cause it will cause overweight. Which nevertheless I had. It’s getting expensive to travel people. Buy stuff and just ship them, because it will cost so much less.

But did you have the pleasure to visit this fair? What did you think?

Photos taken by JenPen Creative Studio

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