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jenpen.studio - August 7, 2017 - 2 comments

Yes, totally not the usually day for me to share a blog post with you guys, but it’s big news and maybe you’ve already seen it a few weeks back on my instastories and you’ve already check out the badge on the blog. Yes, sweet people of my, I’ve been nominated this year again for an Amara Interior Blog Award. But this year I’m in the category of Best Interior Lifestyle blog. Like how freaking cool is that?!
Last year, my blog was shortlisted and got in the Top 5 of the category of Best International Interior blog. That, ofcourse, with the massive help of you guys who voted for me. I got the chance to be at the award show and it would be even more awesome if it could happen again this year.
This year the competition is bigger, as last year I had to compete with 29 others in the category. Now I’m with 109 other bloggers and some big names are in them. So basically I’m scared shitless, but it would be so awesome to meet a few of them.
Being in the top 5 is something to be proud of and it’s one step closer to win it all. So, like last year, I’m asking all of you again to do me the GRAND FAVOR of voting again and making this island girl reach the top 5 again, but this time of the category of Best Interior Lifestyle Blog.
Thank you all so much and hopefully in a month I can do the headshake again, like I did last year.

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