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Valspar Color Trends 2016

jenpen.studio - December 15, 2015 - 6 comments

I’m checking out the new trend colors for 2016 and I hopped over to the site of Valspar Paint. We’ve painted our whole house, inside & out, with Valspar paint. We repainted once, because we wanted another color on the wall. Valspar is really good paint that stays on the wall, it doesn’t look pale or washed out at all and we have allot of sun rays on the house the whole year long. So, I wanted to look at what are their color pallets or trends for the coming year. They have 4 palettes and I really love the combination of the colors. But I’m going to show you two of the color palettes that I really loved and I’m actually using these colors for a project right now.
So, one of the palette is called SIMPLY PERFECT.
It’s all about the various grey shades here and I’m totally loving it. Grey is one of those colors that is also pretty dominant at my home, inside and out. I love using grey as it’s also a great color to combine with other vivid or pastel colors.
Gravity 4005-1B                  Misty Morning Dew 4003-3C           Vessel Grey 4005-2A
       Dustylead 4002-2B                    Rocky Bluffs  4003-1C                     Hematite 4006-2C
grey, blush & copper - supercombo :) | Agua Marina Blog by Marina Giller: Beautiful grey walls:
(click on the image to go to the source)
Here you see a combination on the left with the grey and copper/pink color and on the right a combination of the grey with white and black moments. Don’t you find these so restful?!
Another color palette is called YOU DO YOU.
I love the name for this palette. You do you boo-boo (Anybody hooked on Empire? Yes I know, totally off topic here). I love this palette, because of the various of colors. Yellow is one of my favorite colors and I loved that it was in this palette. Just imagine that in a furniture piece, an accent wall or all wall colors. It brings such life in the space. These are all beautiful combined with a white color.
        Pink Wink 1006-2C                    Blaze Orange 1008-1A                 Golden Meadow 3008-3B
      Green Goddess 5008-6A            Laguna Green 5007-10B          Pacific Pleasure 5009-10
Golden Meadow: T.D.C | Norsu. Styling: Julia Green + Jacqui Moore from Greenhouse Interiors. Photo: Lisa Cohen:
(click on the image to go to the source)
Here you see the yellow and pink color as an accent wall. The yellow is combined with wood-brown that let’s the yellow pop out even more. The soft pink looks great with light grey and it can also go great with a black and white color palette. For the other two palette, please click here.
How you liking these color palettes?  Lovely aren’t they?!

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