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Treniq VIP Blogger Tour @ The Sleep Event 2017

jenpen.studio - December 9, 2017 - 6 comments

A few months ago, I got an invite to be part of a VIP Blogger tour hosted by Treniq at Sleep, the Hotel Design Event in London. I was so excited to go, as I pretty much stalked them a bit to see if my confirmation would be legit. After I didn’t get in the top 5 this year of the Amara Interior Blog Awards, I was very excited to be at this event as it gave me another chance to visit London still.


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Maybe you followed my instastories a few weeks back and saw the tradeshow live on it.
Treniq is an international interiors network where you can discover design professionals, connect and build relationships and trade using easy and efficient tools. So, it’s pretty cool that me from this little rock from Curacao got an personal invitation for the event.
We started the morning with a lovely breakfast at VIVO and got to know each other a bit. What I really loved that it was a small group of 12 bloggers, making it much easy to connect with each other. Even though I didn’t get a chance to connect with everyone, it was a great bunch of people. Most of them ofcourse from London but all with different backgrounds. The founder & CEO of Treniq, Sheetal Sachdev, was very down to earth and talking to each of us to get the know all of us on a personal level. 
As I wasn’t staying close by the Business Design Centre, where the Sleep event was, I thought I would be late as I tend to get lost easily in London for some weird reason. Luckily I was on time. Must say I was one of the first, so I was pretty happy about that.

After the breakfast, we just walked over to the Business Design Centre. It was just a few walking minutes away from the restaurant. 

We had the opportunity on the have a personal one on one (as a group) with the exhibitors that Treniq has chosen for the tour. Because of the season of a bit darkness (winter time where it might me right now) we had visited more of exhibitors that specializes in lights. 

Like these below for example. These are from Contardi Italia. These unique, awesome I might say, lights are meant for outside. I would rock these anywhere from bedroom, workspace and even outside. Their design is so out there and I just love it.

Lelievre Paris has these beautiful fabrics. I just loved the wallpaper as it had a very soft texture. You can just feel the softness of it when it felt it with your hands. That wallpaper was just heaven in my mind and I was ready seeing it in a project of a client of mine.
Those poofs were ready to go with me in my bag. Don’t you just love them?!  

Avivo Lighting was another one with a very high taste lighting. These lights are for the ones with a high price budget where you see it bling from above coming down. Very unique.

Dare Studio was one of the exhibitors on our tour that had some very awesome furniture. I really feel like the mid-century look is a trend to stay. I really felt that with that furniture. The great thing about their furniture is that everything is made locally in London. Even you as consumer an one on one relationship with them. You get the chance to sit with them and have a quick chance in the design.
I firmly love the idea of buying and supporting items that are made locally. This was even more of a push to me to keep on with my event for next year, Interior Design & Decor Curacao.

Quasar Lighting is a dutch company, which specializes in very out there and unique lighting. Like this  for example. If I can recall the story behind it, it had to do with a cowbell. Not sure about that. Might be that I’m totally off here (it has been a few weeks already), but it can be as the dutch are very known for the cows, so why the heck not make something into a light that reflects something the country is known for?!

One of the suppliers that really stood out for me was Curtis Furniture They weren’t on our blogger tour list, but I spotted them when walking through the halls. Had a friendly chat in dutch with one of them and I really loved their designs. They basically design from chair to cabinets and use all different kind of materials, but what I really loved about their designs is that it gave me a bit of a retro look. Loved the finishing of the materials also. They were the only one that asked for me card, because they didn’t really trust the new gadget (which I thought was pretty awesome btw), where you can just swipe your entry card at the device and it would take in your information where you can then receive all their information like catalogs. A great way to for people like me that travel light and can’t take all those books with all the collections of everybody. But I think he might have been right, as I only received information about Curtis collections and haven’t received any information about no other company I swiped my card.

One of the exhibitors on the tour was Colunex. Colunex specializes in the most important piece of life, which is ofcourse SLEEP. Oh boy do I love to sleep. Just the greatest thing to rest your head and body and feel all relaxed afterwards. But ofcourse that would be only possible (for me then) if you have a good mattress. Here is where they were explaining how good the mattress was. If someone slept on one side and the other person jumps on the bed on the other side, the one sleeping already on the bed would not feel a thing. They tested it with the bloggers on the tour and it was pretty funny to see. So I guess money well spent on these mattress if you would buy one.

After the tour was finished, we still had many hours to visit the other stands. There were a lot to see and feel. These rooms below were amazing. The first one was like a little hotel room, the comfort of the bathroom was around the corner. I was ready to take of my coat and tell everyone to get out so I can get some serious sleep.


 These art works are made from real books. Love that quote. 

This event is actually focused on the hotel branch, but I might say there were many items that you can decorate in which ever setting you would like to.

I really would like to thank Treniq for the invite to be part of the blogger tour and to get the chance to meet the exhibitors and get the chance to know their stories. I also loved meeting new bloggers and I surely will keep up to date with them. 

Okay guys, hope you loved my tour of the Sleep Event 2017, which ofcourse I couldn’t share everything but you got the idea of the event. Next week, I’ll be sharing more about my short trip to Europe.

Have a lovely weekend y’all.


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