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TREND SPOT: 6 rattan chairs round up

jenpen.studio - April 25, 2018 - 2 comments

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Following trends, it’s something I tend not to do, but in my line of work, it’s good to know what’s trending in the interior design field. The color of the year, the latest furniture model, the latest fabric and so on. And one of those trends that came and is still booming is the trend of rattan furniture, especially the chairs.

Last year I got a great deal for buying 6 of the lounge chair style for only 137 dollars. The ones I got are a combination of steel and plastic, making them a bit more durable and easier to take care of. Making them also good for outdoor use.

So, I wanted to do a round-up of the fanciest rattan chairs out there. There are so many styles and I really love the ones that are seethrough. You can go many ways with these chairs.

1. lounge chair 2. Venice 3. Dining style 4. Egg chair 5. Butterfly chair 6. Hanging chair

Adding warm textiles and colors or going for a minimalistic direction, it’s all possible with this type of chair. The great thing about rattan is that it looks just a good outdoors as it does indoors.

So, how do you like this trend? Do you have rattan furniture and decor in your home? Please share with me in the comments section below.

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