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Top 3 tips for the perfect vacation rental

jenpen.studio - March 2, 2023 - 0 comments

Curacao is an island where a lot of people call it home, and create beautiful spaces for their families, but there are others that created their second home on this beautiful sunny island. And most of the time, it will have a double function as they also will rent it out when they are not on the island.
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So, for your home or vacation rental to stand out, here are 3 top tips for creating the perfect vacation rental.


Adding color can really change up a space and create an inviting atmosphere for yourself and for your guests. Choose colors that complement each other and coordinate with the overall design scheme of the home. Don’t be afraid to be bold with color or going dark with some element of colors to create an accent wall.

The nature and colors of Curacao were the inspiration for this color scheme in this house. The blue for the blues seas surrounding our island, to the yellow that shines just like the yellow rays of the sun and the green that comes from all the beautiful nature (palm trees and plants) around the home in the resort.

One extra thing to think about is the fixed elements that are not going to be removed, like floor and wall tiles. From these you can also create the right color scheme so it will all blend perfectly with each other.


The moment you step into the house, you should feel a feeling that you are welcome. It should be a space where the guests will look forward to relaxing and to recharge after exploring our dushi Korsou.


This means, each bedroom should have good mattresses and pillows. You can also add an extra topper on the mattress for extra comfort. Standard mattresses have a span of 7-10 years, so, depending on the type, the advice will be to replace them frequently.

Instead of using roller blinds, add curtains to create a homier look and it will give the room a cozier feel.

And don’t be afraid to add some decorative pillows and art for that extra touch in the room. In this case we even created a playful way to hang clothes.


The living spaces will be enjoyed by all ages that stay in your home. So, it’s found that clean and modern furniture pieces are appreciated by most. The biggest suggestion for these areas is to make the décor cohesive, and to not fill it up with clutter.

In this case we even created a reading nook and a workstation. With a beanbag that can be moved to every other corner for extra seating. Instead of adding a standard sofa, place a sofa bed for extra sleeping.


The exterior must give the same feeling of excitement as the inside because that is the first element guests see when they arrive at your home. So, give the same exact attention if you have an outdoor patio. Create enough seating to enjoy the beautiful weather and for get-togethers.

In this case, because the house already had the yellow exterior color, the furniture was toned down to not give an overwhelming feeling of colors. We worked there with natural materials, like wood and rattan and to balance it out with white, dark grey and black. And, by adding plants for the green pop of color you have the right amount of décor.


It really depends you are catering for, but it always a good idea to source for furniture that can go long way as guests tent to break stuff (so, always but a percentage to cover when things get broken).

One thing that we did was to make a completely custom-made box spring bed. From the legs to the cover of the box to the correct height and thickness of the mattress. This will assure your guests that the quality is amazing, and they are only you have those beds with that look in your home. One kind of piece is only seen in your space. Think also about custom-made décor that have the exact color palette that you have in your home so it’s cohesive with the rest. And surely don’t forget about those little touches like throw pillows that can add warmth and coziness to any room.

For an extra touch, we created a welcome ‘Bon Bini’ wall, where guests can leave their love experience afterwards with the homeowners.

This was a fun project to do. The reactions of the client were very heartwarming for me and it just shows how much love I have for my work to design and create something that the client will be happy and satisfied with.

Do you have a vacation home you want to make your own? Do contact me and let’s talk to create a warm and cozy Caribbean home for you.

And if you want to book your stay here, click here.

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