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Thursday Travel : Travel accessories

jenpen.studio - October 9, 2014 - 0 comments

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When you travel, it’s a good thing to travel light. Really carry stuff around you really need. Like a good handbag where you can get everything in it, like your passport, socks (for in the airplane), a good book, your camera and of-course some snacks. So today I picked out some accessories for you to take on your next trip.

I really love this (1)handbag. It has got front pockets where you can store little stuff you need, like a pen, headphones, lipstick, who knows?!!. And how about this (2) passport cover? It has also compartments to hold money and credit-cards. And with a cool luggage bag tag, you can spot your bag immediately. Adding a (3)scarf to your outfit is just to make your travel outfit more gorgeous than it already is. This camera caseis just the cutest. You can also used it as a phone case. 2 in 1 function, how cool is that?

Ok, my travel buddy is my husband. So if I fly with style, he flies with style. He’s not big on carry a handbag, but this (1)Beatles handbag is just great. I mean it’s the freaking Beatles. Enough said!!! He is also the one carrying our passports, tickets or any reservation for cars or hotels, so I just love this (2) travel wallet. There’s a tab for everything, making it easier to find your stuff. And this is one stunning (3) laptop sleeve.Easy sleeve to put in your handbag with the rest of your handy stuff. I mean, we are flying now with alot of steelo.

How do you travel? Light or with alot of bags in both hands?

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