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Thursday Travel : RE-CAP MEXICO TRIP

jenpen.studio - April 16, 2015 - 2 comments

It’s Thursday Travel and I’m wanted to re-cap my Mexico trip I did in January of this year. It was our 5 year wedding anniversary and we decided to take a trip to Cancun. Eventually we didn’t stay in Cancun. Our resort was between Playa del Carmen and Cancun. We did an exchange with out timeshare for a week at the Mayan Palace, but got an upgrade to The Grand Mayan. There are 5 resorts on this complex of Vidanta and the great thing was that Cirque du Soleil was just in front of the resort. That was one beautiful place to enjoy and see the show. It was our first time ever seeing a Cirque du Soleil show and it was really worth it.
We rented a car for one day and drove to the town of Playa del Carmen. While driving on the highway, we came pass this little boutique called La Casa Azul. See here what lovely stuff they have. We decided to rent a car the next day again and went to Cancun Tourist Downtown. We drove by the hotels strip and eventually came where there was a mall with some lovely clothing and souvenirs. We kind of got lost when we drove into the Local Downtown. So we didn’t do much there and just drove back.
We took 2 tours: One To the ruins of Tulum, where OH MY GOD there was an invasion of iguanas. Everywhere you look they were lying there and they were huge. The ones here on the island are smaller and greener. These ones looked like smaller version of a dragon you might see in a Disney movie. I’m seriously afraid of those animals, so I was lucky that they were just enjoying the sun and became lazy by it.
After seeing the ruins, we enjoyed some lunch and street artists show. After that we got a tour at Lapis, a rug palace. See more about that here.
The second tour we took was to Isla Mujeres. We got picked up at the resort and drove to downtown Cancun, where we jumped on a catamaran and went over to the island. We got to see more of the sea that the island itself. When we got there, we rented a golf-cart and drove around a bit. Time was very short so we couldn’t see nearly as much as we wanted to see. They say you can see Isla Mujeres in a day and we ONLY got 3 hours. Very little time, but there are hotels located on the island, so there is always a possibility to stay there.
Well, that was my re-cap of my Mexico trip. It was really the most fun my husband and I ever had on a trip. We had good food, met wonderful people and most of the days a pretty good weather. It is on our list to explore the other cities of Mexico. Acapulco maybe?
Have you ever been to Mexico? What was your experience?

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