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Thursday Travel : Madurodam

jenpen.studio - October 15, 2015 - 10 comments

It’s Thursday Travel and I’m throwing back to two weeks ago, when we took a trip to Madurodam, which is located in The Hague in the Netherlands. I always heard of it, but I’ve never been there when living there. My husband also wanted to go, so we took one of my friends and headed to this place where you can see Holland in an hour. I always thought it was bigger, but it’s worth the visit. It has a combination of buildings of the old Netherlands with the new buildings located in Netherlands.


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I was so intrigued by the little people. I can’t imagine myself setting this all up. It’s was very cool to see the old buildings that makes the European trademark. Those type of buildings you can also see in Denmark and a very colorful version here on my island of Curacao.


What I didn’t know that there are several locations in The Netherlands with  the “Stonehenge” from England. It’s still a bit of a mystery how this huge stones got in there. You should look it up and see where all in the Netherlands they are located. There are located in 57 places. Can you believe that?! I sure don’t. So I’m a bit richer on the history of the Netherlands.
If you ever on vacation, it’s cool to visit. That way you’ll get some history of this country or you just want to feel like a giant, whatever you choose. Have you ever been?
Photography by JenPen Creative Studio

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