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Thursday Travel : Expo 2015 Milano

jenpen.studio - September 17, 2015 - 4 comments

I’m still on my Europe trip and it’s so cool that I can share a Thursday Travel with you that I experienced yesterday. Show some love for internet!!! (doing the wave here).Yesterday I had the chance to go to the EXPO 2015 Milano. This is one very well and huge organized expo with several countries participating and showing how they can give a greener helping hand to mother earth. There were countries from Colombia to Qatar. It’s huge and there is allot of walking here and surely something worth seeing. I couldn’t go into every country site, because the lines were very long.


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I seriously love these ceiling lamps. So creative and unique. This one was located in the restaurant in the Brasil house.


I love the originality of every country and how it was all set up. Must have taking the organization forever to make this possible this year at Milan, Italy, but it was worth the visit. After closing the trip of the EXPO, I didn’t have any feet left to walk on, but I’m glad I did the visit. If you happen to be in Italy, the expo is open till October 31st. For more information on this expo, please click here.




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