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Thursday Travel : Cruise Essentials

jenpen.studio - May 28, 2015 - 0 comments

In just a week, I’m taking a cruise with my husband and some friends of ours and I’m really looking forward for a week away. Like really, who doesn’t love to travel and explore?! Even though I’ve been on a cruise before, this time I know what to except and I’m going to enjoy myself better. The first time we took a cruise was for our honeymoon and we couldn’t enjoyed everything, for example the nightlife on the cruise. We we’re tired and sleeping around 9 o’clock pm. It’s pretty sad!! This time I’ll try to wake up to see the ship arrive at a destination. That will be happening just once, because I really love my sleep in the morning. But what to pack for the cruise? Last year I did a post about travel essentials and I think this will be the basic for this trip also.

So for your next cruise trip, it’s easier to take clothes that you can wear twice and match together. Like a jeans easy to match with different colored tank-tops. It’s also a great idea to keep the color slightly the same as you don’t have to worry about totally mismatching.
I’m not so big on shorts, so I’ll be throwing some dresses and skirts in the bags. Dresses are easy to wear and very airy. It’s good to have a short if you’re planning on doing some tour with lots of walking or climbing. Don’t bring a shoe for every outfit. Just have 3 pair: (1) heels, (1) sandals (of flipflops) and (1) sneakers. I usually take my camera everywhere and use the camera bag to also storage small stuff. Only at night the camera will stay in the room. So then I’ll be needing a small bag to carry my small stuff like lipstick, phone, money & creditcard. So it’s a good thing to have a small purse for the evening. There will be an evening that you will have to dress up, but this time I think I’m going to wear a black fancy jumpsuit with some cool wedges, that you can match with other outfits. Don’t forget to bring some scarfs to wrap around for a cool look or to keep you warm if you happen to have a chilly night. It’s also great to have in the airplane with a sweater, as the air-conditioning are sometimes at coldest point. That reminds me to bring some socks also. I’m not a beach or pool person (weird for someone living on an island surrounded with beautiful beaches), but ofcourse bring your swimsuit.

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jumpsuit – scarf & scarf sandals wedge heelssneakersbikini top & bottomjeans – sweatertop – skirt – long dress – small bag

Having the right clothes is always important, right?! But here are some extra tips, that I didn’t know the first time around.
1. Bring extra cash for drink and photos. They will be taking pictures of you every minute of the day and it’s really very tempting to buy them all.So choose wisely or just buy them all. Drinks aren’t included (besides OJ, Apple & lemon juice) on the Carnival Cruises, so it would be a good thing to have extra cash for that.
2. It depends which countries or islands you are visiting, you can check about the tours off board, as they can be less expensive then when you book them on board. But once again, it depends where you are going.
3. Make a copy of your passport and creditcards.
4. The best thing is to leave the cards you aren’t going to use at home. Don’t take your whole wallet on the trip, because you won’t be needing every ID card in it. If by any chance you lose your wallet, you will be losing everything and that isn’t a great feeling at all.
5. Don’t forget to tip!!
6. Be friendly.

It’s going to be a fun week with friends. Where is our next destination going to be? Do share in comments below.

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