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Thursday Travel : Capture the Moment

jenpen.studio - October 30, 2014 - 4 comments

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One thing you can’t never leave without is your camera. Doesn’t matter what kind it is…you just need one to capture your memories, your moments. I really love to take photographs and not pictures of me but of random things that are surrounding me at that moment of time.

I wanted to share with you some moments I capture on a few of my wanderlust trips with my husband. The two pictures below are taking in the center city of Surinam, Paramaribo. We went there for exactly 5 days, minus 2 days for traveling, so actually we just enjoyed 3 whole days of Surinam. We stayed 2 nights in Krasnapolsk, which is located in downtown of Paramaribo and we stayed 2 nights at the Eco-Resort Bergendal. This resort is located outside of Paramaribo in a part of the Amazon of Surinam. At Bergendal my husband went zip lining and I enjoyed a friendly conversation with a local lady, who was always staying there. These pictures below are taking in downtown. It was a Sunday and everything was closed. I really love the mystery of these pictures, because it feels like it is an abandoned city. This country has a lot of history and it’s shown in the buildings. To bad we didn’t have more days to explore all of it.

This picture of the sign I captured when we were going out of Paramaribo to Bergendal. Random things often catch my eye when wander-lusting.

The following pictures are taking in the city of Knoxville, USA. The last one is one taking from our resort in Gatlinburg and looking into the Smokey Mountains. They really do smoke.

So don’t forget your camera, cause the moments are always waiting for you to be captured.

What are your moments? Do share.

All images are taken by me.

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