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Thursday Travel : Capture a piece of Mother Nature

jenpen.studio - May 7, 2015 - 0 comments

Traveling or making plans to travel somewhere, puts a big smile on my face. The two things I love the most when traveling is the architecture and the nature of the place. Places where it rains most of the year, you will enjoy the beauty of the green plants and trees. These days on the island are very dry and we’ve got some dust coming over from the Sahara. Yesss…we got dust as a tourist. So every plant is a bit dried up these days and that is really sad, because when it rains this island turns into a beautiful green little rock.
But it lets me go back to the trip we took to Suriname a few years back. It’s a beautiful country with most of it being a jungle. Lots of trees and plants, unique animals and kind people. Beside staying a few days in Paramaribo (yes, just a few, as this was a very short trip), we got to stay in the Eco-resort Bergendal. The rooms at this resort don’t have TV or a radio or internet. This is a resort to leave everything behind and relax.
So we did. My husband went zip-lining in the jungle and that was really an experience for him, because he’s afraid of heights (which I don’t believe). I followed them through the jungle and we pass these houses (which are empty by the way). These houses were slave houses, we were told. So we got a little history on the walk.
It might not be the richest country, but it sure has one of the richest nature. Good food and beautiful piece of Mother nature. So if you ever want to explore the jungle, go stay in Bergendal.
A few months earlier, we went to Smokey Mountains in Knoxville. This is one part of the U.S.A that really shows their beauty of Mother Nature. These trees in the woods of Smokey Mountains really do smoke. That is really cool to see. We went in winter time and comparing it to this lovely Caribbean weather we have here, this was icy cold. We experienced 15 degrees below zero, which I can’t remember experiencing when I lived in the Netherlands. The first few days we got to see and hold snow. By the time we had to leave, the snow also left the building. What I really loved about the these woods is the river that went through it. The only thing we were bumped about was, that we couldn’t see any animal in sight. We were told that bears just walk through the resort in summer time and in the woods. But it was winter, so we were the only crazy ones walking in the cold.
Smokey Mountains is really a beautiful piece of Mother Nature to visit. Where is your next trip to? Do you also like to capture the nature?
Pssstt..all pictures are taken by me!!

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