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Thursday Travel : Bamali @ Curacao

jenpen.studio - November 27, 2014 - 0 comments

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If you followed the blog this week, it’s like travel Thursday whole week long on Curacao. Monday we had some street arts, Tuesday we went in a sweet little arts & crafts alley and today we are going into an unique boutique called Bamali, that has been here on the island for more than 25 years. This lovely fashion boutique belongs to the lovely Marjorie Kort. They have one of a kind pieces from Indonesian designers as well design pieces from Marjorie herself. In this monumental building own by her, beside the boutique, she also got an atelier where she designs her clothes. Lets take a good look around here.

Besides one of kind clothing, they also have one of a kind handbags, necklaces, earrings, scarves and so much more. All the furniture pieces are from Indonesia.

Ever being mesmerized by the uniqueness of the fashion in here, you’ll love this monumental building with the wooden stair & wooden floor. If this wasn’t a store, this would be so a place I can settle in and make it my home.

For sure, this boutique is a jewel on the island that you can’t pass by. Check out their FB page to get an idea how to dress their clothes and be fabulous. Go and meet the lovely Marjorie herself and her oh so sweet staff.

All pictures are taken by me.

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