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The Rugs Palace

jenpen.studio - February 5, 2015 - 0 comments

It’s Thursday, my friends and thank God I’m feeling better. These days were painful and not fun. But it’s the day I take you travelling somewhere and as I’m not completely okay, I’m taking you down to Playa del Carmen, Mexico again to this amazing rugs place that was inside of a jewelry store called Lapis. The tour of this place was included in the tour we took when we went to Tulum. Lapis is also a jewelry store. But I’m going to show you the rugs they have there. Most of the rugs come from Turkey. Some of them  from Pakistan. These are all hand made authentic rugs with allot of love for the creations of it. These rugs are therefor not cheap. We’re talking $10.000 US dollars for one of the big ones.
You will get a presentation on how the rugs are made and from type their are made of. It’s very fascinating.
The beauty of them is that they change color at every other angle you look at them. So if you have some cash laying around and what an awesome rugs, head over there. They ship internationally for free. How about that?! Do you have a rug in your home? Is it an one of a kind piece made in Turkey?

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