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The Berlin Experience

jenpen.studio - August 12, 2017 - 2 comments

It’s already been more than a month that I had a lovely and relaxing weekend in the awesome city of Berlin. My first weekend in Europe, I went to Berlin and after a whole month of several interior consultations with all types of people, I needed this weekend to be stress free. This was the first time ever that I didn’t take much pictures, which now I have a little regret, because I can’t share it with you. But oh boy, sometimes you just have to enjoy the surroundings and moments around you and just be. Not everything needs to be captured. Sometimes your eyes and mind just do it for you. But here are a few spots you’ll want to go when hitting up the city of Berlin.


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Berlin is very rich in the history of the wars. You can still see pieces of the war around, like for example the Berlin Wall. Checkpoint Charlie was were you could cross from east to west. There is like a small museum just across it, where you can find the whole history about it.
Just a few blocks away you’ll find a long piece of the wall that hasn’t been teared down. Here was like an open museum of what happened at the midst of WW2. It’s so impressive to see how much work they did to keep this alive for everyone could see how much people did suffer. You had ofcourse the Jews, but many don’t know that even Jehovah Witness’s were part of the groups that got tormented. To see all those stories, at the end you can feel their pain.


There are several places where you can see streets arts on the walls of buildings or even on the Berlin Wall. There is somewhere in the city, The East Side Gallery, where you can find a long strip of the wall with murals painted on it. At some points it gets a graffiti look as it goes from neatly murals to ones that are covered with extra text or graffiti. Still, it’s impressive to see. As it was at night time that we found it, I couldn’t take a good picture. But it’s located in a very busy and social part of Berlin.







This is the best thing you can do when exploring a new city. You have your highlights that you would like to visit, but then just walk around and see what’s next door. Trust me, you’ll find so many spots that you would like to go back to see them all again.
Like this picture below. This was when we were looking for a tearoom that’s suppose to be in the neighborhood. We dropped into this unique hall of a hotel. I’m trying to remember how it’s called, so if you recognized it, please leave a comment below so I know what it’s called.



One that I did recognized was Michelberger Hotel. (picture below). This was one very chilled place to hang out, before going out. They have an awesome lounge area where you can listen to a female dj rock some very mellow music. Their pastries and teas were also very delicious. This is really worth the visit and I can imagine staying in this hotel would be a dream.


One another great place to eat was House of Small wonders. I was always searching for a place to eat where the decor would be more awesome than the food itself and when you get the food, both will be on the same level of awesomeness. There were a lot of people here, so we had to wait like 15 minutes before getting a table. It was first a bit hard to find it, because the exterior of the building is just a plain and serious building. We were looking for the same feel like what was going inside. So, when you go inside it’s an even bigger surprise of how the space is styled. Very beautiful. Staff was friendly and the food was good.


And last but certainly not least, was the Tadshikische Teastube (tearoom). This was one of the places on our list to visit. It was a very unique experience with the possibility to drink so many types of teas and how you can add a sweet flavor to it. But besides teas and treats, they have a very delicious dinner menu. The only problem was that it was very well hidden. So it was a bit of a search trip to find it. But it’s so worth it when you finally find it.


My overall first experience of Berlin was a two thumbs up. This is really good city for a weekend trip if you’re in Europe for vacation (or live there). The people were kind, the weather was good (hello, it was the first weekend of June) and the prices are payable. I did see more, like the nightlife, a vintage turn into crafts market, beautiful parks, and lots more. As I said, getting lost is the best thing to do when exploring a new city.
One only thing would be great to do, if you’re planning to go to event, check out the dates correctly. I was determined to visit a interior design fair that weekend. It was the only thing on my mind. The rest would be a bonus I said. Sunday I wanted to visit the fair. Ofourse got lost a few times, but don’t matter, cause we got to see other stuff also. But eventually reaching the place of the event. I was a bit shocked, as I didn’t see any banners or nothing. Eventually I went up to a security to ask if this is the right place. It was……………the only thing was that the event took place the same dates, BUT LAST YEAR!!! My God, I laughed so hard. I was so fixated on the dates on the website that I didn’t care to see that it was 2016 and not 2017. So, check your dates good before heading to an event.
I’ve also left my heart in Berlin, so one day I’ll need to get it back.
Have you ever been to Berlin? What are the spots you’ve been to? How was your experience been like? Do tell me in the comments below.
Wishing you all a very good rest of the weekend.

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