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Tate Modern

jenpen.studio - January 5, 2018 - 11 comments

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Last November I had my little quickie trip to Europe, where I was invited to attend the VIP Blogger tour hosted by Treniq at the Sleep event. I stayed some extra days in London so I could explore places I didn’t had the chance to go when I was there to attend the Amara Interior Blog awards.

This place, Tate Modern, was on my list to visited then, but after walking and getting lost (it’s like something to do in London), it turned dark and I walked back to catch the bus back to my hotel. And after I was sitting in the hotel I figured out I just had to cross the bridge and within steps I would have been there. I was standing at the bridge next to Big Ol’ Ben.

Luckily this time the hostel I was staying in was close by the museum and it was something I wanted to see. The great thing about London is that all the museums are free. Like how cool is that?! Suck in some artistic culture for free.

Tate Modern is filled with modern and contemporary art. The building has already an art look with it. It’s huge and trust me you can spend your whole day in there. It is located in the former Bankside Power Station.

It’s a great place to hide from the cold. Seriously! Lots of spots to sit and relax and enjoy the environment around you. I think you can go with a book or some work and really get some reading and work done there.

On the third floor you can pass the book store and walk outside and check out the view of the city on the other side. Hear a street musician give out some awesome sound and just stare. I think in the summer time is packed outside.

I eventually didn’t see everything as I wanted to see a bit more of the city and it was getting dark outside, so I said goodbye to this beautiful place and went strolling along.

It’s been a while since I’ve been in a museum and especially one of arts and it was really refreshing to see it all. Many with great history behind it or others I was drawn by the colors it all had. There was 1 or 2 special exhibitions going on and for those you had to pay, but if you are a true art lover, you’ll pay the fee. I didn’t went in the exhibitions as there was already a lot of free art for me to see.

If you ever in London and need to reflect, go see this place.

Have you ever been there? Please share your experience with me in the comment section below.

Have a lovely weekend y’all. Will see you back here next week.

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