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Summary of Jill Schmitz

jenpen.studio - January 31, 2018 - 1 comment

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There is a saying in dutch: “Er is een tijd van komen en een tijd van gaan en de tijd van gaan is gekomen”, which litteraly means there is a time to come and a time to go and the time to go has come. Or in a normal sentence ‘All good things come to an end’.

After 5 whole months I say goodbye to my very first intern, Jill. I can see the difference from the shy girl I met in Amsterdam 7 months ago turning into a not so shy girl anymore. Seeing and learning about our cultural here on the island but also getting to know herself even more and especially in a whole other country and environment. I’m very happy to have her join my team (yes, me, myself and I. My team rocks!) and giving her input and helping me out in a big way. After starting 2017 on a very rough path, she was the little sunshine that came along (with some fantastic parents and family) the past year. For that reason I wanted her to say goodbye in her own way on the blog. Take it away Jill.


The time has come that I have to leave this beautiful island. This was an unforgettable time well spent on the island. I have learned so much personally, but on the learning field. That is because I had a very nice internship. Thank you Hubertienne that you have given me so much responsibility and had faith in me. The assignments were so different. For example, one day designing a concept store and restaurant and the next day we had a photoshoot with Christmas balls on the beach. As this is my last post for the blog, I wanted to do several topics to close my internship here.


Christmas is over and in December most of the houses are so cozy and beautiful decorated in the Christmas sphere. But how can we make our home cozy again in January after the holidays? I’ll share some options with you.

1. Replace the Christmas tree with an old wooden ladder. On this ladder you can hang a plaid, nice objects or magazines. A wooden necklace is also nice to hang on the ladder.

2. Another idea to fill the Christmas tree gap is to fill it with a big plant or several plants. Your home gets a very natural atmosphere.

3. Another way is to create a new interior in your space. Look for everything what you can get to mix and match. When the floor, walls and furniture have a basic color, you can easily give your space a new look with a couple of new (or replaced) accessories. Buy a couple of new pillows in a another color, decorate the table with new and old candleholders for example. You can also paint some furniture or vases in another color.

These are some great ways to change up your interior on a budget.


Hubertienne has a series on the blog ‘Your Own Boss‘ where she interviews people that have their own company. This time I wanted to turn the table and let her be the one that shares her story.

Who is Hubertienne Decaster and what is your business all about?

I’m a 30 something babe and living the islandlife with the passion for traveling, interiordesign & photography.

My business is an creative studio which specializes in interior design for residential, corporate and commercial projects. Also I do product photography for companies.

As of this month I also started with a new online directory where you can find everything you need to build your home or building; www.dotlineee.com

Why did you start a business of your own?

I always love to organize events and I always thought that one day I’ll be doing something on my own. I didn’t know what for sure. After my studies (I studied architecture & interior design) I came to Curacao for actually a break and eventually I never left. But after working 11 years at an architectural firm, I just got tired of going to the same place everyday and the began to loose my joy for my work and that was my queue to leave. I didn’t have any clients or so, I just left and starting from the bottom. It was very liberating to finally doing exactly what I wanted to do and choosing my the projects and collaborations I choose to do.

How will you make your home cozy after Christmas?

I actually don’t celebrate Christmas, so my home is cozy ready all year long :). But you brought up some great tips above.

What is your greatest achievement until now?

That I had the courage to leave a steady pay and to start on my own. Every time I finished up a project and the client tells me that they are very happy with my work, that is also my great achievements big or small. I’m also very proud ofcourse that my blog has been nominated twice for an Amara Interior blog award and that I have my own column in LaVida Magazine.

Which advice can you give other new bosses?

Just go for it. It can be hella scary, but if you do your work good you’ll be so happy at the end that you took the plunge.


When this goes live, I’ll be already back in Holland. I’m so honored that I had the chance to do this. Thank you Hubertienne to give me this opportunity and a great work space. I will see you soon! Maybe in the Netherlands or Curacao, it doesn’t matter.

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