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Style with Tile

jenpen.studio - July 29, 2016 - 1 comment

I love to change things around in our home. Coming with ideas to make it my own and that is something you all should do. So, I thought I would a little change outside on our wooden deck. Our patio is not totally ready, but hey..decorating a home can be a never ending story. So, today I wanted to share a little styling tip: Style with Tile.


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I had this left over tile hanging around with the intention to look for a match to go on the wall. This tile is placed in our guest bathroom, laundry and patio downstairs. The bathroom isn’t finished yet. It’s still in working process. So, I kind of was tired of not finding anything, but I don’t want to throw the tile away. So I got the idea to use it like a little tray for my plants on the wooden patio outside.
So if you have a piece of tile or several left overs of tiles, you can create a long tray on the table. Adding plants and I placed a piece of wooden to add some character to the ‘tray’ effect. Pretty simple, no rocking science here.


A fun little project to do this weekend. I’ve got two more people today and the last two, who are making use of the promotion of Restyle Your Home and then it will be all over. I had a blast doing it and getting to know all the lovely ladies. The feedback was amazing, so maybe in the near future I’ll be doing another promotion like it.
Wishing you an awesome weekend and till next week. Taaadaaaaa 🙂

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