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Studio Tour : Project 3 Gallery

jenpen.studio - December 8, 2015 - 15 comments

A few weeks ago I visited this new awesome gallery. I’ve heard about it and drive by it basically everyday, but I was always short on time to just step in and take a look around. So finally, I had some extra time and the first place I visited was PROJECT 3 GALLERY. The first thing I loved was the name. Just has a ring to it.
Project 3 Gallery is located in a huge building where just last year was a clothing store. So when I entered, I couldn’t believe this place was packed with clothes for many years. This gallery is run by Marc Vinck and I got a lovely tour of all the art hanging by the lovely Liza.
The great thing is, that Marc is also an amazing photographer and his photographs are also seen in the gallery.
This place is not just a gallery where awesome art from our local artists are presented, they also have a mini museum of camera’s. I fell in love with those vintage camera’s. It was just unreal to see them all there. Some of them are from local photographers and it’s so much better to showcase them here and be admired by others like me.


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Beside the gallery on the ground floor, they have a second floor with a open space, where you can rent it for a solo exposition or workshops. They even have a photo studio that you can rent. That is so awesome, making Project 3 very unique as they are the only one with a space for photographers to rent and do their own shoot.
I love the dark and white walls in combination with the red carpet. I found this gallery very inspiring and it’s a great place to get to know our local artists. We have some serious talents on this little rock called Curacao.


So you might think, that’s about it. Well, think again!! They even have a space where they print your photos  on canvas or photo paper. They can even frame it for you. And I’m not talking about just any photo paper, but very high quality and a diverse of paper like gloss and matte.
I had a lovely tour and talk with them. Marc even agreed to be part of the Your Own Boss series. I have to go back for that one, but stay tuned.
So, if by any chance your on the island and you want to take a look or rent the space upstairs, this is the place to be. They got two thumbs up from me!!
Photos provided by Project 3 Gallery.

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