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Studio Tour : Atelier of Ashley Mauricia

jenpen.studio - September 8, 2015 - 0 comments

I had myself a very fun weekend. Getting to know new people was one of those fun things. As I said last week, I was invited to be interviewed on a local TV program that is all about art and stuff. I had so much fun. After the show we were invited to go check out the atelier of Ashley. He was the one who was interviewing me on the show. Check out some of those pictures here. His atelier is located in our downtown Punda. If you’re following me on instagram, I posted two weeks ago this picture of street art. Little did I know that behind those drawings on the wall was his awesome atelier. It’s a hidden gem in the city. For that reason I wanted to share it with you.
I got so inspired by his studio. Seeing all those vintage pieces and all those paintings, you’ll surely will go home with a heart fully filled with a love for art. We got a tour and the story behind all the art pieces. The location itself has a history behind it. When slavery was something that was occurring on the island, this was one of those places where they were held as prisoners. Now it’s a place for amazing art.
Ashley’s goal is to create an art school on the island. Art is something wonderful and it would be a great place for kids to explore their creativity. Atelier of Ashley Mauricia is located in our downtown Punda near the Plaza Hotel. If you would like to make a donation or like to visit, just give him a call at +5999-528214 or send him an email at 2ashleymauricia@gmail.com
photography by JenPen Creative Studio

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