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Street Art at its finest : Street Art Skalo

jenpen.studio - December 9, 2016 - 3 comments

One thing I really love when walking in different cities around the world, are awesome street arts. I even like crazy, make no sense, graffiti once in a while. But when something is drawn on the wall with a purpose or is just beautiful to see, then you just have to take some steps back and enjoy the beauty of it all. I’ve shared some street arts already before from our island. Click here, here and here to see some street art in our downtown. But a few months ago some local artists decided to join forces to make a statement with their street art. Let me show you around at Street Art Skalo.


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4 local artists got the chance to show their awesomeness on the walls of the buildings in the downtown neighborhood of Scharloo. This part is located at the parking lot of Creative Lab Curacao and Workspot Curacao. Remember last year I had a little chat with the lovely woman behind Creative Lab Curacao?! Well, Gonneke is also part of this great idea of making street art in Scharloo a part to be enjoyable and unique for locals and tourists. The main plan of course is to make this neighborhood a great neighborhood to work and live in. I’m pretty sure their heading in the right direction with Street Art Skalo.


One of the artists was Sander van Beusekom from Blend Creative Imaging. He’s a graphic designer and pretty awesome at doing street murals. I don’t really know if there is a story behind this mural art, but in my perspective it’s to be a different fish in the sea of all the same fishes. Art is for everyone’s one perception, so that was mine. The colors are also very vivid, so you can’t miss this at all from a far.


The next artist is Robert Rodriques from One Man Cur. He’s also a graphic designer and clearly he isn’t a stranger to great art on big walls. He’s art though has a message behind it. Translation for what it says here: Why Chino (what many call the Chinese people on the island)? Why not SIR?
Meaning that if go into a Chinese store or restaurant, have the courtesy to call him by his name (if by chance you know it) or call him or her sir or miss. It’s offensive to call them by that name.
So if you are calling Chinese people like that, you are being schooled by street art. How’s that for ya?!


The third artist is one artist that has a lot of street art around the island and some very beautiful I may add. This beautiful bird is done by Garrick Marchena from Garrick Marchena Arte. This one I also don’t really know the backstory of it, but if I may think as an artist, they are always thinking free as a bird for their creativity. Don’t cage their creativity.



The fourth artist that is making his mark in this neighborhood is Francis Sling. I think he’s making an art tour on the islands, as he also had some art work done on Aruba. He lives in the Netherlands, so it’s pretty cool that he’s part of this project to make the neighborhood a creative hot spot.
I don’t know if he’s finished, but the tree growing here is something that is going to have some steady roots now.



The buildings already have a flair to them, so I can imagine this part being more alive and having more street art and artists walking around here. But just infront of these buildings, there is a little park. Here they did some mad color blocking with ‘trash’. As they say: ‘One mans trash, is another one’s treasure’. The big fish was made by recycle artist Roberto Tjon A Meeuw from Tjop Zhop.



This big fish was made because of this reason: ‘a great initiative to make people aware of what happens with the trash they throw out reluctantly. It doesn’t go anywhere, but it’s keeps building up and has a disastrous effect on our environment‘. Okay, so he made  good use of it, but the main message is to throw away your trash where it suppose to be and not around where ever.


Surely this looks pretty awesome and it must have been quite some work to pull it all together, especially the color blocking. It was really fun to walk around an afternoon here and indulge in the street art for some inspiration. Sometimes you really need to walk around and enjoy what you have around you. So a good afternoon walk, when the sun is behaving is a good moment to go and enjoy Street Art Skalo.
For more insights about this project, please visit their Facebook page Street Art Skalo and more info about the artists involved, see below:
Sander van Beusekom – Blend Creative Imaging
Robert Rodriques –  One1 Man Cur
Garrick Marchena – Garrick Marchena Arte
Francis Sling – Francis Sling
Roberto Tjon A Meeuw – Tjop Zhop.
Thanks for stopping by you guys. Next week I’ll be back with another great interview for the Your Own Boss series. And don’t forget about the December of ‘Restyle Your Home 2.0’ I’m having. Let’s close this year with a bang, shall we?!
Have a good weekend y’all 🙂

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