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Store tour : Pop Up ‘Things I Like Things I Love

jenpen.studio - December 2, 2016 - 6 comments

One dream of mine is to have a pop-up shop with all different local hand made items that can be used in your interior. I’m still working on that one, but it so cool to visit stores like this one I found on my trip last October. I took a trip to downtown Amsterdam, but just when I arrived, it started to rain. My god…so not funny. Rain and cold is not a good combo. But I felt all warm and fuzzy inside when I saw the light coming from this store. I was in love people. Welcome to the pop-up store of ‘Things I Like Things I Love’.
‘Things I like Things I love’ is a concept store with beautiful pieces that are fashion and lifestyle related. The first thing what caught my eyes where all the plants you see when you enter the shop. Because it was raining outside I couldn’t enjoy the plants outside very well, but when you get in you’ll just love the plants greeting you in.


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This sign is a good one for the ones who indulge in their retail therapy. And they are right. How many times do you go into a store, you love something, but go away without buying it and then sitting at home like damn it I should have bought that?! When on vacation that is not something to do. You see something you like, just buy it. You’ll be so happy at the end 🙂




I seriously loved the pillows and throws. So deliciously comfy. This was a great light in a rainy gloomy afternoon in Amsterdam. This pop-up store is still there until January 2017. So, please go and indulge yourself with beauty of all sort.
The store is located at the Gasthuismolensteeg 10, in the middle of the downtown of Amsterdam. I would so love to take a little trip again to the Amsterdam..*sigh*…
Hey guys, thanks for stopping by again and enjoying this store tour with me. I wish you all a very exciting but safe weekend. Till next time again!

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