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Store tour : Jill & Co

jenpen.studio - July 8, 2017 - 8 comments

I love when I get into a store and there are so many things that you just want to grab, but have no clue what so ever where you are going to put it. Don’t you just love those stores?! You’ll get out will the smallest thing, but something is coming home with you. Well, I found a store like this in Holland. It’s just beneath the city of Roermond in a little town called Vlodrop Rothenbach. The store is like literally 100 steps from the border of Germany. This awesome conceptstore has unique fashion and jewelry to the most awesome interior decor pieces. Welcome to Jill & Co.


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You might think how the heck did I end up there, because I myself never heard of this town. But last month I got an excited email from a girl that wanted to have her internship done at my company. Very flattered ofcourse and when I was on my trip in Holland, I asked if we could meet up. We did in Amsterdam and I got to know this lovely girl named Jill. When she’s here, I’ll give her a proper introduction. Jill’s parents, Nicole & Pie Schmitz, started this store and named it after her. So after I came back from Prague, I met with them and had me a tour of the store and basically the whole family. This is a family business with a lot of passion for interior design and every customer gets treated like family.



The store is located in an old building and on the first floor there are 3 rooms fully decorated, each with their own style. Every now and then, they change everything including the wall color. Making it every time inspiring for the customers that come and do their shopping. Beside the stores they also do interior design consultation and do design for other companies. And you can get immediately good, unique choices of pieces in their stores for your space.








They have brands like Soya Concept, Yest, Soulmate & Fransa in house. They even sell paint by Painting the Past. The great thing is that the prices are truly payable. Every budget can get something in there and that makes that even more unique and awesome.




They are also located on a very prime spot. There are several restaurants in the neighborhood, so if you’re done with shopping you can then go fill your appetite. So if you’re every in Holland, remember to make a stop here. It’s worth the ride.
For more information about Jill & Co, click below:
The Saturday is almost over guys. I’m having a bit of a hectic weekend with several shoots yesterday, today and tomorrow. Nothing wrong with that ofcourse. Wishing you all a great end of the weekend and till next week. Taddaaaa 🙂

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