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Store Tour : IKEA Miami (Sweetwater)

jenpen.studio - September 9, 2014 - 0 comments

Ok, so yesterday I said that I missed the cute little shops with awesome interior decors in Miami. And I don’t know for sure if they are located within downtown Miami, because outside downtown there is no small shop with interior appealing to my eye. But I can’t argue that I visited the brand new awesome IKEA in Miami. I’m not very happy about the shipping rate to the freight forwarder (starting at $240,-). And the most annoying part of it all is that the new IKEA is like 5 minutes from the freight forwarder. Next time we are renting a huge car again and be ready on time to get the stuff to the freight forwarder ourselves. IKEA doesn’t need no more introduction. I want to move in. I can fall in love, but it breaks my heart every time when I realize how much I have to pay to send it all to Curacao. But what the heck, the furniture is awesome and we need it, lets buy it. So lets take a paper ruler and small pencil and get on with the show.


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I really loved the entrance from the parking lot below to the first floor entrance of the store. I loved the lamps, the wall-sticker saying HEJ and the overall simplicity.
Always amazed about the set-ups of all the spaces. It must be a hell of a job to put this store together. Being a designer for IKEA would be a dream job for me. Talking about being a designer for IKEA, did you check out the competition of the IKEA Amsterdam? Check out at their pinterest board. To get an idea, look how I did my board.
Meanwhile, lets enjoy some of the well put together spaces in this new IKEA Miami.


IKEA also has got a whole new section with paper goods, like notebooks, gift wrapping paper, gift bags etc. It’s stationary heaven. This store had a small section. But interesting nevertheless.
So what do you love about IKEA? How many times have you been to IKEA and tried to buy everything in the store?
All pictures are taken by Hubertienne Ricardo for JENplusPENequalsJENPEN.

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