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Store Tour : HOME 21

jenpen.studio - August 19, 2014 - 0 comments

3 great things under one roof: reclaimed wood furniture, lamp shades, Moroccan tiles and of course extra home decor. That is what Living Green Furniture, Kapjes voor Lampjes Henken and In an Out of Lifestyle did. They joined forces and created the  lovely Home21. The stores is packed with unique and colorful pieces. From wallpaper, to great colorful one of a kind lamp shades, to vases to dishes and so many more. Be prepared to be welcomed with great kindness and getting lots of inspiration for your next home improvement.
So on your next visit to Curacao, be sure to put Home21 on your list of must-sees.
It is located at Perseusweg 21, Curacao.
All images are taken by ME for JenPen Creative Studio.

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