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Store Tour : Arrangerie 13

jenpen.studio - October 6, 2015 - 0 comments

On my trip in Europe, I went to Antwerp, Belgium for a day. I met up with a friend who lives in Belgium but not in Antwerp, so it was kind of like the first time for both us. When I was a kid and living in the Netherlands, I went to Antwerp with my family, but never to this cool street that has all those vintage and second hand stores. I was like a kid again. My husband tagged along but eventually left us crazy gals enjoying all those beautiful pieces. I was so bumped that I couldn’t buy them all and take them back to Curacao. I only bought the teapot I put in the Monday Moodboard.
But the first store we saw was called ARRANGERIE 13. We were drawn by the beauty of the furniture, the beauty of the building itself. If you can appreciate furniture pieces like relationship than you know what I mean. ARRANGERIE 13 has their own working place inside the store where they restore the furniture pieces. It’s a three stores store in an old European building. The stairs were narrow, but it was amazing.


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When looking in old buildings, it’s a good thing to look up and down. The beautiful floor tiles in these spaces were just as part of the decor as the furniture itself. A great combination by putting some newly art and greenery in the space. The great thing in this store was that it wasn’t crowed, filled with loads of vintage stuff. That gave you a feeling that you were entering somebody’s home and surely made the store even more unique.


So if you are a fan of vintage and mid-century furniture pieces, this surely is a store you must visit in Antwerp. When the time is right again, I going to pass through here again and hopefully bring something back home.
ARRANGERIE 13 is located at:
Muntstraat 13
Antwerp, Belgium
Do you like go to stores like these when you’re on vacation or business trips?

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