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Storage brings Order

jenpen.studio - July 15, 2016 - 3 comments

These past weeks I’ve visited several homes of some pretty awesome people. I’ve been having an promotion on the island to “Restyle Your Home’. It’s been a great success and I’m getting great feedback from the people I’ve visited. Every home had their own character, but something that all were in need was storage space. Sometimes we just don’t know how to storage all the madness we have and then all madness keeps laying in your sight, which brings no order in your home.
Here’s two simple tips to store the madness away.
Okay, so on your dining table or worktable you have everything from pens to keys to candles to sticky notes spread all over the table. Great way to get all in one place is to put them all on a tray. It can be a wooden tray, a glass tray, a plastic tray or whatever you would like. Just make sure that it matches your overall decor. Try not to  put unnecessary stuff in there. The tray will become a clutter bin than and that’s not the meaning of it. It’s to keep your stuff organize and stored all in one place, which will bring order on the table. Add a little plant to make it more attractive.
This trays are all from FROY.
Another way to hide the madness, but still in arm reach is to add some decorative baskets. You can do an combination of big and small bins & baskets. You can place them in an open cabinet, on your dresser, in the bathroom, in the kitchen or where ever you need some storage space. I really love these handmade woven baskets, because it adds more character to your space.
These baskets are from H&M Home Collection, Connected Artisans & Ikea.
So for your next DE-clutter and reorganizing project this weekend, go look for some fun and useful bins & trays to storage the madness and to bring order back into your home. That’s one way to restyle your home.
Have a lovely weekend and till next week.
source: (1) wit and delight 
             (2) connected artisans

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