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SPOTTED : MOOI Flower Artistry & Gift Shop

jenpen.studio - June 27, 2018 - 0 comments

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An interior of a home, store or office will always need some plants. If you tend to kill them, I suggest to go with some faux plant that have a very real look. But if you have some great green fingers, please go with some real beautiful plants. Plants will always add some happiness to a room. It might be a small plant or succulent, but it will always have a great impact.

So, how happy was I when I got a chance to spot a cute little plant store on the island of St. Martin. This little beauty is called Mooi (Flower Artistry & Gift Shop). Mooi means beautiful in Dutch and how beautiful it was indeed.

The shop is owned by a very sweet couple, with both ofcourse with the love for plants. The plants come from the Netherlands and gives the island a little dutch piece in their home. My friend Shadyra wasn’t shy about it. The girl went wild to say at least.

I mean, if you have gold scissors, you just made my day. The diversity of the plants here was just amazing. From lemon trees to small succulents. From lavender to cactus. They have a lot and that makes it even more worth while the visit.

I’ve never seen lavender flowers on Curacao anywhere and I just loved these. They were dried lavender flowers and I bought a bunch to take back home. And I can tell you that after 1.5 week, they still have their lovely scent.

Don’t you just get happy seeing these pictures? I do. Wish I could go back tomorrow and buy some more plants.

If you ever on the island of St. Martin, you’ll need to get some plant inspiration here at Mooi.

How about you? Also a plant lover and do you have small plant shops like these in your neighborhood, please share it with me in the comment section below.

Mooi Flower Artistry & Gift Shop

Plaza Del Lago, Unit 5

Welfare Road #3 Simpson Bay

Sint Maarten T: +1721 5543389

E: info@mooisintmaarten.com

FB: MooiSintMaarten

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