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Spotted: Fleur de Marie Eatery & Shop

jenpen.studio - September 13, 2018 - 0 comments

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I’m so happy to share with you this new place. Why? Because I was part of the team to create it. This project started at the end of last year and this venue was planned to open at another location in Scharloo, but luckily moved to this more cozy location in the same area. Two thumbs up for the location change!! It is so great to work with people that have their vision on point. Korra Pietersz-Juliana & Angela Guiamo are two bosses. No need to put the ladies behind that, because without a doubt they are great ladies. I’ve known Korra just about two years now and last year when they approached me, I was really excited for this project.

Welcome to the new kid in town: Fleur de Marie Eatery & Shop!

They had a great concept to bring to life in one of the oldest neighborhood, Scharloo, of the island, where now it’s all about art and entrepreneurship. Creatives and young professionals live and work in this part of town, where more and more people are appreciating the architecture and street art here.

Fleur de Marie is actually a little section of Scharloo, where people of the older generation still lives. And it so beautiful to see how now it’s a mix of youngsters and creatives blending in and making it a very lively neighborhood. Where even the tourists feel welcome.

Fleur de Marie Eatery & Shop is just around the corner of Creative Lab and in the middle of all the street art that keeps growing.

Korra, from the wellness field, and Angela, from the cooking scene, joined as friends and business partners to bring you a farm to table place. Where you can host your parties, enjoy cooking workshops, get your breakfast, brunch and lunch, with a glass of wine if I might add. And we incorporate a small shop in the place, where you can browse and buy unique gifts. Most of them made here on the island by our own local designers. Like Lovelies by Loeloe, Kokolishi, Enjoy by Carolina, Jedidjah’s Inspirations, Roses Creation, Miraki, Ashra Art& Herbology.Also they will have products of their own brand, Happy+Well.

Korra and Angela have themselves creative bones in their body. Korra did the wall painting structure herself, giving the wall a wallpaper effect in both areas. And she teamed up with two other creatives, Channon Toulon & Rochelle Monte, to paint those beautiful flowers on the wall.

When you enter, you are going to embrace a Happy+Well experience, by using your senses. Your eyes, to be inspired by all the beautiful colors, your nose, to take in a lovely scent greeting you and soft music to calm your ears. Sit, enjoy and be inspired by the place while you indulge the great taste of different soul food with a rich twist to it.

Please don’t limit yourself to the indoors space, but move along and go to the backyard. A cool mural to greet you, which was drawn by Avantia Damberg. Surrounded by fruits and vegetables that they will use for the food on their menu.

The interior concept is also to keep evolving throughout the year. So every now and then when you pop up at Fleur de Marie eatery & shop, you’ll be inspired by another look. How great is that?!

Fleur de Marie Eatery & Shop will be open its doors on Monday, September 17, 2018. Please stop by and show your support and give us some great feedback.

More about Fleur de Marie Eatery & Shop:

Facebook | Instagram

Opening days & hours:

Monday – Friday from 9am – 4pm

Follow them to keep up to date for their monthly schedule of evening and weekend activities.

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