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Spa Day at its Finest.

jenpen.studio - June 1, 2022 - 0 comments

On this one-week Colombian trip, the first stop at Bio Habitat was amazing. I guess you’ve already booked your trip because it will be worth your while. I MEAN IT!
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But for our second stop, we couldn’t escape the beauty of what is called nature. I mean, it was like being hugged by greenery. Amazingly breathtaking. It was like an hour drive from Bio Habitat, so this would be great to combine.

But that really isn’t the highlight of this second place. The highlight is the HOT WATER SPRINGS!

So, if you are into good moments of relaxation, Termales de San Vicente is the place for you. I would say, it’s a Spa Day at its finest.


As I stated before, you’ll be taken away by the beauty of nature. There are waterfalls just pouring down as if it’s the most normal thing on a daily basis.

Because of the rainy weather, unfortunately, I couldn’t get up close and personal with a waterfall, but I could see them from afar.

A beautiful mix of plants, flowers, birds, and hot water.


Okay, so this place doesn’t really have amazing interior design, but the simplicity to connect with the surrounding is what’s more important.

I did find the bed to be wonderful. So, I had a great sleep, especially because I was tired. BUT NOW IT COMES (which unfortunately I can’t show in pictures). I had the most amazing experience of body treatment. Starting in a natural sauna that is built of natural stones. The heat was just coming from below into the space. Getting then a sand scrub. Didn’t really know what to expect at first, because I just saw black sand, and they asked me to lay down. Once again, the heat was coming from below. They will cover you up with the sand, kind of when you are at the beach. And then, when after a few minutes, they will scrub your whole body.

At that point, my two braided hair was done. Mind you, I still had a few days left.

After the body scrub, you’ll get back into the sauna. I’m telling you; this is a whole experience. In between the body treatment, you get the chance to shower to get the sand off. That was a bit of a challenge at first, as the water was cold. Then I received mud therapy. This will be applied to you while standing. Some of the benefits of mud therapy are that it will draw out impurities from the skin, exfoliate dead skin cells and relax sore muscles and joints. They will explain the whole process to you.

One tip, try to wear a bikini instead of a full piece and not in a color that can be stained easily. I had a one-piece, and it was a bit difficult for some moments, but luckily it was black. So, it didn’t stain.

After the mud therapy, we took our last cold shower. By then, your body will get used to it. And THEN, we proceeded to get into the TERMALES (the hot water spring). It was also a great way for me to ‘wash’ myself completely of all the sand and mud.

It still amazes me that the water is just warm. No boiler or water heater is needed. Just natural warm water. Talk about A+ to the Creator.

After enjoying that, the fun wasn’t over yet. To complete the full body treatment, we had a full body massage. That was like the cherry on the cake.


The cabins (or rooms) are a mix of natural stones and wooden elements. I did like the simplicity of the room I was staying in. It was very clean, and the bed was perfect. You’ll see the use of natural materials, in all the cabins, but also in the dining area.

I would say this is a great two-day trip because, besides the hot water springs that are all over the place, and body treatments, you can have moments of hiking (if it’s not raining).

I wouldn’t make it too long of a trip, because the only thing that I didn’t really like was the food. The dinner was better than the breakfast.


So, if you’re ready to RELAX TO THE UTMOST, I suggest you book a spa day here.

And because I give great value to spoiling yourself with rest in such amazing surroundings, I’m giving away a one-night stay for two with the full-body treatment experience I had. YAY!!

What do you have to do?

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This blog post is in collaboration with Discover Colombia Travel. There is an affiliate link for the booking. With every booking made, I’ll make a small referral commission. And it’s because I’ve experienced this place myself, I’m recommending it to you too.

Photography by: Hubertienne Decaster, JenPen.Shots

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