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Small Living in Paris

jenpen.studio - December 4, 2014 - 0 comments

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Living small these days is something that, if you do it right, is very much functional. Every person that lives in small homes always say that they don’t need more. Clean out frequently the stuff you don’t need. If you are a hoarder, this type of living is really not for you. Keyword for small living: ORGANIZE!! Keep it clean and tidy after yourself. Check out this cute apartment I found that is located in Paris. Good way of making the ceiling look higher is ofcourse to paint them a light color, like white of very light grey. Awesome how they combined the darker grey on the bottom side. Adding some pop of color in the floor tiles, the pillows and bedding. This could be a great vacation rental when vacationing in Paris. You wouldn’t need a huge space for your vacation as you have a beautiful city to admire. Two thumbs up for this small living in Paris.

source: marianneevennou

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