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Share Your Space : A Vintage Livingroom

jenpen.studio - February 17, 2016 - 8 comments

Today I’m starting a new series called “Share Your Space”. This is to share the parts of your home or working spot. I really love looking inside people’s home or offices. It gives me so much inspiration afterwards, to either re-arrange everything in their home or office OR do things differently in my own space. So today I wanted to share a space, a living room to be exact, that inspires me every time I visit. Let’s share the living room space of Angela Richardson & her family. This space is in a old, but renovated country house in the middle of the city. Her mother in law was the former owner. They then bought it afterwards and made some changes. Seems changes will always come.


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They placed a new tile floor with a very light grey color. They replaced all the old windows with new aluminum windows and doors. They also placed a new gypsum board ceiling. Because the windows and entrance door are not huge, the light color of the floor, walls and ceiling will make the space bigger. Now comes the cool part: the furniture is mostly second hand or vintage pieces. Angela is a teapot collector. Her collection is very large and of course very precious to her. You break one, she’ll break you. Period!! Some of the teapots are also decorated in the living room. The whole collection is located in the dining-room (not shown here in the pictures).
This build-in bookshelf is located in the green wall. This is the only wall with a bright color. It’s also the first thing your eyes will see when you enter the living room from outside. Eventually Angela would like this to be a photo and art wall. It would be a combination of family pictures, prints and art from her son, Jheryll Richardson.
That makes this space so very interesting. Every piece in here has a story and that will make you house a better home. And even though is seems like allot of vintage elements, when you’re in there everything has it’s place and it comes very well together. Lots of the items come from her trips to Europe, US, Suriname or whatever other place she visited with her family. Some of them also just come from friends and family right here on our island.
The room is separated in two sitting areas. At the other side there’s two leather sofa’s with a big amazing mirror hanging on the wall. Adding a mirror like that will make the space even more bigger. One great treasure chest put on wheels, making it much easier to move around if needed.
This was the lovely vintage living room in the first “Share Your Space”. Did you get any ideas from this space to put in your own space? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


Photography done by JenPEN Creative Studio.

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