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Restyle Your Space : Add shelving

jenpen.studio - July 29, 2017 - 13 comments

Once every few months I change things up in my home. Things get a new place in my home or I add new items to the mix. This past week I added a new shelf in my living room. I was feeling like the wall was empty for to long. By adding the shelf I could display more of the little decor I have around my home.
I bought a 2″x10″ pine wooden beam at one of our local hardware store. It was a bit of hard task as it was a bit to long for my car, but it did go eventually with the help of the guys working there. We pushed the beam from the back into the car and let a piece stick out of the passengers window and resting it on the mirror on that side. Attached it firmly to the side mirror. My only fear was that the beam could be to heavy and break off the mirror. Thank God that didn’t happened.


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I ask my good friend Ruchenne from Blue 33 Woodworks to give me a hand installing the beam to the wall.


This is a pretty and easy way without breaking the bank, to do some new styling in your space. I kept it a bit simple with the decor, as I don’t like to much of everything.  When styling a shelf, think about to keep the items in the color palette of your room. I kept the original wood color, because it matched again with the legs of the side table. And the hooks underneath matches again with the top of the table. Adding  the green pop of color the plants also lets you to add color in a subtle  way. The ladies print I got from Defoe Studio.

Also work in different heights when adding pieces together. Different heights of vases for examples.

Unique and pretty coasters and trays can also be displayed on another way instead of using them for the sole purpose of protecting your table. The trays I got basically for free with some extra stuff. The coasters I bought a few years back in the Xenox store in Holland. And the lovely prints on the tray and the globe are from Jill & Co.



The beautiful white bowl is from LSA Internatioal and I got it in the awesome goodie bag of the Amara Interior Blog Awards last year. The white frame is from our all time favorite store IKEA and the postcard in it I got in the concept store Things I Like Things I love in Amsterdam last year.


I really love it and it adds something extra to the room. It so easy later on to switch this around on it. And it also inspired me to do a Restyle your Space promotion again. I had a blast last May and got to meet so many cool people with lovely space which I transformed again into something new with what they already had.
If you are interested, please click the side link where you see the image the promotion as a title. Book your appointment and I’ll be heading your way. This promotion is only valid for the month of August and for the residents of the island of Curacao.
Maybe soon I could get to go international with the promotion. You never know, right?!
Wishing you a very delightfull weekend and can you believe August is starting next week?! So crazy.

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