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Restyle your Home (or Office) 2.0

jenpen.studio - November 25, 2016 - 3 comments

It has been a bit gloomy these days on the island. Right now it’s pretty dark outside. It kind of feels like a normal winter day in Holland (without the thunder storm sounds). Weirdly, this weather makes me a) want to sleep all day or b) be very productive. Lets see how far I’ll go today. Today my office is on my bed, so that’s already says a lot. A productive day on bed. The best combination ever.
But today it’s like total madness in the US with the black Friday events. And this island wanted to join in the fever, so since last night there were here and there some events. Today I’ve heard and seen some actions about it. So, why not join in, right?!
I’m going to have a ‘Restyle Your Home (or office) 2.0’. You’ll get a discount of 63% of the normal price. Like how freaking cool is that?!


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The great thing about this promotion is, that it’s not only for today or this weekend. No, it’s for the whole month of December. I had a huge success last June and July, so I wanted to close the year with another great way to share my expertise with the local people of the island. It was such a great way to meet new people and see what they really wanted.
It will be a session of 2.5 hours, where you’ll get insights about color in your home (or office), the best way to organize and how to understand your space better. Most people don’t understand their spaces very well and just put furniture in the most strangest way ever that they can’t utilize their space correctly. I also want to see what is already possible with what they already have in their home. It’s always great to buy new stuff, but it’s greater to re-use what you already have and maybe add new pieces to the mix. This session is about that: Re-use what you already have in a new way.
So, this offer will be valid ONLY for the residents of Curacao and will only be valid for the coming month of December 2016. I’ll be holding morning and afternoon sessions. After our session, you’ll receive a summary in your inbox, so you can do the changes needed to enjoy your space better.
If interested just send me an email at jenpen@jenpen.studio and I’ll pencil you in for an appointment. It’s going to be a fun last month of the year.
I’m wishing you all a save and fun weekend. I’ll see you back here next week with another fun store tour. Byeeeeee.

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