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Recap Open Atelier Route Curacao

jenpen.studio - March 15, 2018 - 2 comments

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The past two weekends, people were driving to indulge themselves in art. Art made by our local artists. I must say that most of the artists were from the older generation and to see and hear some of their stories was very interesting. They opened up their atelier and homes for the public to see. Most of them have their galleries incorporated in their homes. I can’t really say that they are struggling artists. Maybe when they started, but they all have made it all in their own way and their spaces where they work and live is really inspiring. If you ever get the chance to visit them, it a must. Let’s take a look at the beautiful pieces of a few of the artists I visited the past two weekends. This is a recap of the Open Atelier Route Curacao.

Sitting here at the very colorful house of Francis Sling


I had the opportunity to give a helping hand at his workplace by receiving the visitors who came to his place to take a peek of his workplace. He’s residing in the Netherlands for a while and is expanding his art knowledge to his students and working on new art collections. Unfortunately there weren’t to many of his art on display, so many were expecting to see more of that. Especially the ones who weren’t familiar with his work. A few years back I visited him in his atelier and wrote a blog about it. Read about it here.

More about Ashley Mauricia: Curacao Art Page


Pito is one of my close friends in the creative scene. He manages the atelier of Ashley, while he is away for the time being. Pito is a photographer, artist and teacher. He and his creative team are designing this t-shirt with the concept to keep all our beaches free for the public. They designed it from scratch. Pitopolo was also part of the Your Own Boss series. Read the blog post here.

More about Pitopolo : Website | Instagram


Marlies and her husband Marcel Duijneveldt, form the team duo Studio M-Kwadraat. She’s a ceramist and he’s a painter. They share their home with their art. She has lots of curly lines in her work and it’s so beautiful to see how see combines the right colors with each other to make the perfect piece.

More about Marlies Schoenmakers: Website


I’ve seen some pictures popping on instastories of others who’ve already visited her atelier that weekend and I was really intrigued to see more. Her entreway was already a first impression for me. Such a open and light space to live and work in and I loved her furniture. I was most attracted to the japanese style paintings. It radiates tranquility.

More information about Gwen Anderson: Website


At most of the artists, we were firstly impressed by their homes and surrounding without seeing their art first. At the atelier of Ellen Spijkstra, that was indeed the first impression. It was going into the woods and entering a beautiful garden with an artistic view. An combination from a cabin wood house and a full white modern home. Both gorgeous in their own right. Ellen makes these beautiful ceramic bowls and very unique wall sculptures. She also does photography.

More about Ellen Spijkstra: Website


Tina is the youngest of all the artists I’ve happened to see these past weekends. She’s a self-taught artist and I can recall i’ve seen her art some years back and loved her black and white prints of women. We entered a beautiful garden with lots of plants, which for me was already a piece of art.

More about Tina de Windt: Website


One kind soul of woman, who gave us a tour of her whole place. Sharing some family history and her own artworkhistory. Hortence Brouwn is a sculptor and uses different kind of stones to make her art.

More about Hortence Brouwn: Website


Last year I met Omar for the first time and this is one of the most down to earth people I’ve met in a while. I did a ‘team building’ afternoon with Jill and went to one of Omar’s workshops last year. Very relaxing painting our very own kokoyoko. Omar is a visual mediamedia artist. He uses recycled materials to make his art. He incorporates them in his painting or makes very unique sculptures with them. He also makes recycled instruments which they use for their kids orchestra. To bad at the moment I was there, they were not playing.

For more information about Omar Sling: Facebook| Instagram


Just a few steps on the right, we got a taste from another Sling. Francis Sling is very known for his huge street art murals on the island of Curacao, Aruba and in the Netherlands. His workplace when he’s home on the island, is at his mother’s home. He just had free hand to go all wild on the whole house. Rock on mom!!

More about Francis Sling: Website | Facebook | Instagram


I think the whole family Sling has a creative bone in their body. When we were admiring the work of Francis Sling, we got a free drink from his cousin that has his own delicious and very healthy business Vittle Art. Vittle Art ‘provides a native culinary experience in an unique and enlightened manner’.Yes, his own words. Can you imagine going to a party and getting bites & drinks from soley fruits and vegetables that are available on the island of Curacao?! Well, the first taste was amazing and I could imagine that every time it would be a different exciting experience. “There are still plenty of uncommon local fruits and vegetables out there that have yet to be fully reintroduced to our food scene”.

More about Vittle Art : Facebook


One of the first art founders of Curacao, if I say so myself. Yubi started as a painter but is now very well known for his recycled art. I’ve never knew he build a museum at this house. He has got lots of land for you to see how creative he goes with his art. So beautiful to see. Like that parasol below in the picture; those are plastic crates from the 80-90’s that we used to buy bottles of drinks in them. He made a beautiful huge shade and with the technique that it can survive the hot weather of the caribbean.

More about Yubi Kiridongo: Website


At one stop, Landhuis Daniel, there were several artists showcasing their work. Like for instance Jan Francke. Sitting peacefully painting while we the spectators keep admiring his work.

More about Jan Fracke: Landhuis Daniel


The last artist I visited was Evelien Sipkes. Another lovely garden to just to die for. Beside the beautiful dishware that she makes, she also makes beautiful jewelry. She also organized dinners in her garden, where you can enjoy the delicious food that she makes and displays them in her own beautiful artwork.

More about Evelien Sipkes: Website

Oh gosh, this was a long post. But I hope you enjoyed seeing the beautiful art our island of Curacao has to offer. It has been an inspired two weekends in a row and also to see (once again) of the island. Especially last weekend, when we headed to the west side of the island. Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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