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Recap IDDC Pop-up Shop

jenpen.studio - July 4, 2018 - 0 comments

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I was walking around with an idea to create something on the island that has to do with furniture in a pretty room. Man…..years I’ve walked with the idea. Last year I finally pulled the plug. It started with a big layout, but at that time it was to big to accomplish and no better way to start small as they say. And that is what we did. We turned a two day planned event in a 8 day pop-up shop with awesome furniture and home decor made and designed by our own local designers.

How proud am I to see that it all happened. The first edition ofInterior Design & Decor Curacaowas a great success and we are already talking about the second edition.

Above here you can see beautiful handmade dishes, bowels, plates and cups made from clay and beautiful drawn on. These beauties are one of a kind as every one of them are different, but such a great way to set the table. ArtistEvelien Sipkeshas this down and is ready to make even more uniqueness for you.

On the table we also got a wooden vase and bowl from Paluarte. Both made from trees here on the island. Very beautiful handmade. Former math teacher, Hugo Sjak-Shie, was always working with wood making beautiful furniture. Now he spent his time making beautiful bowls and vases. It truly is an piece of art.

A hammock is something you see mostly everywhere on the island. It’s a replacement for an outdoor bed, don’t you think?! I wanted to created a bedroom setting in the space and loved the idea of hanging a hammock as it also represented the island life. The hammock is designed by architect & maker Aldemar Lourens from Mehamaca. They are produced in Venezuela. He worked for 20 years there, so he’s got some great connections to produce these beautiful hammocks from very good quality. The making of unique lamps is also part of his work. The three hanging above the hammock are made of the fruit of the calabash tree.

I filled up the hammock (at this moment people messed up the setup of the pillows) with an custom made and design pillow collection. I wanted to bring back denim fabric in combination with colorful pattern fabric. This was a collaboration with me, Pitopolo and creative seamstress Nathaly Martina of Crafty teacups. She did an amazing job with creating the idea to a very beautiful done pillow in a variety of sizes.

Behind the hammock you see an unique mirror. The mirror and the nightstands are unique pieces from Eugene Maduro of Living Green Furniture. He salvages old wood from houses, schools or old buildings to one of a kind furniture pieces which you can only had one of it. So, know that, that no one else will have the piece you have bought. Like, how awesome is that?!

The table and chairs are designed and made by the designer Matteo of Isola Design Atelier. We had a variety of items from them like that dining table, chairs, stools, rocking chair, side tables, desk, room dividers, tray and drawer unit. I love the variety of it all, without it looking like the space was basically filled with only their items. It was a great match with the other items in the room. The furnitures are really light, making it an easy piece to move around in your space.

Above the table we had some very unique hanging lamps made of the fruit of calabash tree. These were truly statement pieces hanging there. It was something that caught your eye immediately when you enter the room. People were very impressed with the craftsmanship of the lamps. So many details in one design. Madelein of MiLampi has a diversity of design and a custom design is also available.

What was also selling really good, were items of Jedidjah’s Inspirations. On the table you can see the coasters and concrete planters with cacti. They come in different colors. People bought the planters also for other purposes and what was meant for jewelry bowls, were bought for planters. So, people were creative with how they were going to use the items.

We also designed a custom made blanket, which was sewn byMichelau. She also did a beautiful job with the design we wanted to present. We are happy that one of them was sold and went to Aruba. On the vintage trunk you can see a beautiful photograph by Christy Beaujon.

I’m not really big on standing infront of the camera, but Luigi of Pathos Studio took a great shot :). Those earrings I’m wearing are also by Evelien Sipkes. How cool are they?!

One item that isn’t visible on the above pictures are the adirondack chairs of Maderos Furniture & More. Those chairs were also very comfortable to sit in.

We are so happy by all the support we got at the event and the interest we got for all the products. I’m happy to say that every designer got even more exposure, because some people that have visited didn’t know about them. So, one goal was surely reached.

Thank you once again (I don’t know how many times I’ve already said thank you) and if you are interested in purchasing one of the limited edition collection of the blanket and pillows, please send me an email at jenpen@jenpcreative.studio.

Hope you enjoyed this recap and we’ll see you next year on the second edition of the Interior Design & Decor Curacao.

Photography by Pathos studio
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Video by GTXRefael
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