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Recap Creative Workshop : How to make a wooden lamp

jenpen.studio - April 14, 2017 - 4 comments

It has been almost a week that we had our first ever creative workshop. I joined forces with Blue 33 Woodworks to give a woodwork workshop. Past Saturday we had the pleasure to welcome a group of 10 fun ladies to our workshop ‘How to make a wooden lamp’. A group of fully energetic ladies. That made the workshop even more fun, because they weren’t waiting for every little instructions.
One thing we did to make the workshop a bit easier, was that we cut the wood in the right dimensions for the lamp. Everybody got their essentials to make their own little lamp. We started by giving everyone the instructions step by step. And before we knew it, everybody was completely being all creative.


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Two ladies brought their little helpers along and they were totally into helping their moms. It was funny that the ladies said they actually had to pay for one extra spot, because their sons took over and was working on the lamp alone. Too funny!


It’s so funny how kids connect. Eventually they started to talk and went on playing ball. The ladies were looking for their helpers, but they were gone.


Some of the ladies got creative with the rope and made their own version of the lamp. They took the creative part very seriously. The cool thing about the rope is that when you light up the lamp, it makes awesome patterns on the wall. So you can imagine, the more creative you use the rope, the more cool patterns you’ll get.



We finished up the workshop with great laughs and smiles. They were already asking us when the next workshop would be. Well, with that question we had our first successful workshop. We got some great feedback and for sure we will on them.
The next workshop is planned for the end of the month of May. The exact date will be announced later. I’m happy to see everyone at the workshop and would like to thank them all.
We are entering a long holiday weekend here on the island, so I’ll be heading of to rest my soul. Wishing you all a great weekend and I’ll see you next week here.
Photography by JenPEN Creative Studio


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