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Projects 101 : House Design

jenpen.studio - March 17, 2016 - 3 comments

Remember last January, I told you guys that I wanted to share more of my projects that I’ve done on the blog. Well, everything that I’ve done with my JenPEN Creative Studio will be share now under PROJECTS 101.
Today I wanted to share with you a home design I did a few years back. A young couple with two kids approached me to design their new house for them. They wanted something not bigger than 50m2. That’s pretty small, but everything is possible nowadays, especially when you have furniture with double usage. What they really wanted was a big outside area for the kids to play and entertain with family and friends. Because of the size of their property (it wasn’t huge), the best thing was to design a house with two levels, a downstairs and an upstairs.
So I came up with OPTION 01:
In this option I made the living room down stairs, which would also be family room for studies and all. But because of this, the children’s room was way to small. I mean the kids are young now, eventually they will grow up. I wasn’t keen on the idea, cause the couple told me their kids didn’t need lots of space. So I made the big porch and kitchen upstairs.

I made a 3D sketch, so they can visualize the design better. They wanted to see an option with a flat roof.

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They liked the above design, but wanted to see another possibility. Which was great, because I, myself, wasn’t really happen with the lack of space for the kids. So, then came OPTION 02:
Here I created more space in the kid’s room and made the kitchen and living room one big space upstairs. I wanted to split the upstairs with the downstairs for privacy. So, there is in this design a separate door to the downstairs area. They can now welcome friends and family to go upstairs without having to go through their private area. Making the porch a bit smaller, wasn’t now no big deal. I love the idea to make the porch and living area one big space, so I put sliding doors. The area will be visual more spacious.



Once again a 3D sketch was provided for them to imagine this design better. And they totally loved this one. The porch was now also fully covered. Which was a big good thing, as we live in the Caribbean and we got sun-rays 24/7.


Eventually the project went on a hold. I mean building a completely new house and making it your home is no joke, especially if you have two kids in the game. From my experience, building a home is so much time consuming, you have no life what so ever for at least a year. But it’s always fun and amazing to see the end result.
Okay guys, this was one of my projects. Hope you liked it and stay tuned for more awesome projects I’ve done.


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