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Casa Wani

2020 – 2021 | Van Engelen, Curaçao


This family home has a great architectural structure but was in need of some changes. JenPen Interior Design Studio was contacted to create a new design for the guest bathroom, the home office/meditation room, and the TV – Room. The guest bathroom was completely stripped and was renovated to create a better layout with beautiful finished. As the home office is also used for a meditation room to give workshops and consults, it was important that the room had the Zen feeling with a bit of a nature feeling. Hence, a combination of off whites, greens and wood colors. The TV-room kept the same layout, but the concept was to merge the colors together. Creating a ton-sur-ton of the color soft orange, where the ceiling was also painted to create a more cohesive and movie theater feel. And bringing a contrast in the room by adding black and white pieces. The TV room also consists now with custom-made pieces like a wall-to-wall sofa and wall unit with lots of storage space.



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